Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dinosaur ROAR

Blaine is off on a date tonight. I am a little jealous because his date is very beautiful! They are going ice skating, which left his date in a real predicament about about to wear. She wanted to wear a dress to look beautiful, but she didn't want to fall on the ice and scrape her knees. The resulting date outfit was the stuff of legends. Her Easter dress from two years ago, with jeans underneath and a purple zip up jacking that is a size too small over the top, with a winter coat on top of that. Add to that gloves that are three sizes too big, a winter hat and Christmas socks. Underneath all the layers her skin is covered with sparkly body spray, and I was asked no less than twenty times today if her lips were still sparkly from the lip gloss. She's been counting down the days. She's been thanking Heavenly Father for dates in all of her nightly prayers. She's been telling her friends. She wouldn't hold my hand today in the parking lot, insisting instead on holding on to the back pocket of Blaine's jeans, even though Blaine had Ivy on his shoulders and Bentley by one hand....she wouldn't hold my hand because today is her special day with her dad.

I know my relationship with her will always pale in comparison to the relationship she has with her dad. Her dad is a superhero. Her dad is her everything.

All I can say though, is that while they were out ice skating ( I think...I got a text from Blaine that said "my date fell asleep on the drive here! That's a first!"). I was here eating frozen gogurts and reading Dinosaur Roar! six times in a row. I was wrestling and headbutting, squealing and laughing. I even snuck a kiss or two, even though I was informed today by Bentley that he is "too old for kisses".

There is something about fathers and daughters, but I am so glad that there is also something really special about mothers and sons.



Shanon said...

All of my kids preferred the dark side (that's what I called Dad's side) when they were little because I was the one that always took care of them (go figure!) As they have become teenagers, they have seen the light and come over to the good side:) because I don't give as many lectures. So, don't worry, when those hormones start to kick in, she'll come running back to you. All I have to say about that is have a lot of chocolate on hand or maybe start drinking.

Janssen said...

What in the world? Bentley cannot be old enough to say things like "too old for kisses." He can't even talk! Right?!?!?! Wait, is he GROWING without us there?

Patrick and Hollie Davis said...

Kristi this post cracked me up and I have to say I am a little saddend that there is no picture of the gorgeous ensamble! But that did give me a great visual. I too am glad there is something really special about mothers and sons!

Laurie said...

I want a boy! I think that every time I'm around Bentley. He's so cute!

Jill said...

This brough tears to my eyes! I love my boys. But Jared wants a girl so bad for this exact reason. He wants to spoil her and let her be his little princess. I tell him that he's got a girl and to just treat me that way, but whatever. Jerk :)

Janey Bassett said...

I love Bentley! I love Gwen too....but I love Ben! And Kris, I loved the description of Gwen's awesome outfit. Someday I am going to come over decked out in such loveliness.

paulstickland said...

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Love that header!