Monday, February 1, 2010

Up & Up

It's Targets new brand name of diapers (and everything) and they aren't so bad, especially when you consider they are cheaper than Luvs even! We've been using them for a while and like them a lot. And hooray, they are on a good sale!

If you buy 4 packages online you get 15% off and free shipping! Plus if you use the code URTYJLI8 you get an extra 10% off. And, of course, don't forget your 3% cashback from

Remember, tell them sent you so we can each get $5 back!

It works out that you can get the smaller sizes for about nine cents a diaper, and the bigger sizes for about eleven cents, not bad friends! Too bad the wipes aren't available online, because the up & up brand are the best wipes ever!

Happy Diapering!


marisa said...

YOU ROCK! I just got 4 packages of diapers for $42!


Jill said...

Thanks for the tip! And thanks for cracking me up. I love reading your blog. That space club post was truely priceless:)

Karina said...

Why?! Why?! I just spent forever on the computer doing this, and it's not working...not free shipping, not taking 15% off for buying 4 packs...nothing! Ahhhh!

Karina said...

I'm going out of my mind, Kristi. I even called Target. I even signed up for ebates. I gave my email address to two sites that I'm pretty sure will be spamming me soon. Target says up & up no promotion. Pray for me, Kristi.

Sarah said...

I bought them and they still haven't shipped! It's been like two weeks! It is a great deal, I guess I will have to just wait it out.

Ape said...

Bought mine Feb 2nd. Target says they will arrive mid-April.