Sunday, February 14, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

And just to let you know how addicted to LOST I am, I accidentally first typed the title of this blog post as "Viva Lost Vegas". Not kidding.

So! The Bassett's, in the spirit of spontaneity, decided to take a trip to Sin City!

An excellent place for impressionable young minds.

Gwen asked why there were so many "mommy pictures" on the ground.


Seriously though! It was a blast! Look how much fun we had!

Approximately thirty seven minutes after arriving in Las Vegas Bentley spiked a 102.5 fever!

So we spent the majority of our time eating these...

And, just because it is so rare to catch her smiling for a camera...

and just to spare Ralphie a coronary I have to mention that I didn't even tell her to say "cheese" she was just this happy to see real live flamingos, and happier still that she was wearing her pink shirt to match them. Good to know that so long as I book a photo shoot near live flamingos we'll be golden.

And how I love little Miss. She waited a whole 24 hours after our arrival in Vegas to spike her fever.

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But she's still really cute. Even when feverish.

So, to the good people of Las Vegas, I am so sorry if you get what they've got. We still went out and about. We just had to spread the love. And I know it makes me an irresponsible citizen, but we kept them confined to the stroller, so that's good right?

And I really wanted to share a picture with you of Ivy's fauxhawk. It rocks. Sticks up like four inches right on the crown of her head, but the pictures of her fauxhawk did not do her baby blues justice. So you'll have to wait.

And here we are, home from Vegas, 24 hours earlier than planned, because that's what happens when your family starts dropping like flies to the plague.

But it was worth it baby, so worth it!

*and as a side note, does anyone in the world know why when I blog directly from picasa it will only let me center justify? For reals.
**um, also everyone pray really hard that someone will rent our house this week and, more importantly, that that someone will be an honest, law abiding, rent paying citizen. And also, while you are praying, add in there that the renters who are leaving really will do all the things they said they would do before leaving. Like clean and stuff. Thanks.


McCulloch Moments said...

Darn kids. I'm glad you still had fun! :) Happy Anniversary!!

julianne orth said...

what's a vacation without sick kids! i think they save it for when vacations are coming up, just to make life funner for the rest of us