Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rosetta Stone

I am the first to admit that I am not qualified to be a parent.
But I am especially not qualified when it comes to the hieroglyphics department, I had no idea that was a parenting requirement.

Gwen is learning to write, it's really fun! We find these sticky notes all over the place, there's a really cute one on her bed right now. I'll have to post that one later. In the mean to take a stab at translating this one? Go on venture a guess. Her pen ran out of ink at the end. So as a hint for you I'll just tell you the last line is "and give me....(it's supposed to then say "a vitamin" darn pen!).
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Janelle said...

That is awesome! My daughter loves to write but only if I spell everything out for her. My best guess is "Dad, will you go into my room. If I'm awake will you go and talk to me and give me a vitamin" Love it!

Wendy said...

I think Janelle nailed it above. Certainly Gwen is going to be a great writer like both of her parents. What a fun talent!