Friday, February 26, 2010


I overheard this conversation this morning while Blaine and Gwen were eating their breakfast.

Gwen: I don't really believe in imaginations
Blaine: Why not?
Gwen: Because whenever people imagine things they come true, but whenever I imagine things they don't come true
Blaine: Really? Like what?
Gwen:Well in Barney when they imagine he comes to life he really does but when I imagine my stuffed animals come to life, they don't
Blaine: ....
Gwen: I think my imagination must be broken


Gretchen said...

One of the many hazards of letting your child watch Barney... ;)

Janssen said...

Clearly we should blame Barney!

McCulloch Moments said...

Jeannie = Anti-Barney

Shanon said...

Why does everyone hate Barney? He's harmless and he teaches good things like being nice, saying please and thank-you, sharing, you know all those nice things we are supposed to teach them. Plus he sings pretty catchy tunes and he loves you!