Saturday, September 29, 2007

A butterfly flaps his wings. .

What have I done? I didn't realize it until just this morning, but I have messed with the order of the universe, un-do un-do!

Every special occasion, I mean EVERY special occasion in our lives doubles up with another significant day; be it a holiday or just another special occasion day. Here are some examples

September 11- this was when we confessed our true love for eachother (when we were 16, er. . .) but since then we had always celebrated the day, until 2001/ 9-11-2001
October 31st - first time we held hands/halloween
December 9th- first kiss/my birthday
February 14- anniversary/valentines
October 23- the day Blaine got home from his mission/Gwenie's birthday

I just realized today that Ben was supposed to be born on September 23, which is Blaine's birthday. What did I do? I went and got induced early on September 18th. So I don't know if I just opened up a new day for something good to happen, or if I have screwed up the order of the universe and invited in potential disaster.

I am a glass is half full kind of person (except on airplanes and during thunderstorms), so I will just assume that I have something really great to look forward to some 9/18 and 9/23 in the future. . . only time will tell.

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marisa said...

It is better to think something fantastic will happen on that day!