Saturday, September 22, 2007

Keeping my guard up!

I have received lots of helpful advice with the arrival of Ben. The best, and most well used, advice was given a few months ago by a friend in the ward. It wasn't so much advice to me as a mother, but advice she gave me while I was watching her infant son.

"The first thing you do when you take off his diaper is cover his dodah with a wipe." She didn't say "dodah" but this is a G-rated blog. You get the idea.

So the first time I changed Ben's diaper was during the middle of the night during my hospital stay. He had just come back in the room to be with us after his circumcision. I thought it would be a good idea to change the bandaging. So I take off the diaper, carefully remove the bandaging, add new bandaging (completely smothered in vasoline), put on a new diaper, carefully treat his cord with rubbing alcohol, put back on his onesie and cuddle him up close. About two seconds later I heard a rumble in his tummy and felt the diaper bloat to twice its size. So, I start the whole process again to change the poopy diaper. As soon as I remove his old bandaging (technically it was only about one minute old!), old faithful starts! Right in my face, on the hospital gown, all over my bed. Before I knew it I was calling hysterically for Blaine. Wow! That was gross, and unfortunate that we used three diapers in less than two minutes; not to mention that I was covered in urine.

We did learn from this experience, but regardless of our best efforts we have about ten more similar experiences.

Anyway, it turns out that the best piece of advice I can give you, if you are to ever watch Ben, is to have a wipe ready when you change his diaper!

P.S. I am loving life at home with Ben and Gwen, new adventures and new trials, but lots of love too!


Andrea said...

Kristi - Some of you may not want to read this one (I have warned you). When you go to change them and before you take the diaper off - pull open and give him a little bit of air, then put the diaper back over him quickly before the water works start. It is a trick I have learned having 3 infant boys. It is well worth a try. Even then, you just can't stop it! Good luck! Andrea

Meleah said...

That is so funny. You've got to love little boys.

Gretchen said...

On the "up" side (he he), it goes away after a couple months... I think I'd go crazy if I STILL had to deal with that when I'm chasing Scott around the house trying to put a new diaper on him.