Sunday, September 9, 2007


It's true what they say about Texas. Well, they probably say a lot of things about Texas, but the specific generalization that I am referring to is that people here are really nice. I was overwhelmed yesterday at the generosity of my neighbors and ward friends as they threw me an awesome baby shower! I felt so loved and not alone. Moving here while pregnant I was really worried about being away from family when the baby was born. Who would help watch Gwenie for doctors visits, etc. ? My friends (who I have known all of three months now) have really stepped up to the plate. I have had probably four or five people offer to have me call them should I go into labor in the middle of the night, and several more offer to take Gwen for the day so I can get things done. I am just so grateful!

I have loved the adventures that Blaine and I have had over the past three years. Living in Utah, Oregon, Minnesota and now Texas we have always been surrounded by great people. I used to think that it was the locations we chose, but now I am a believer that there is good all around. I was excited to move to Oregon and really sad to leave. I was terrified to move to Minnesota (the land of -30 dg winters), but again I had a hard time leaving because I loved everyone I met there, the beautiful countryside etc. I was also nervous to move to Texas. I was pretty sure that I would be bombarded with tumbleweed and cowboys, but it is beautiful here and the people are wonderful. It is strange to me that we aren't leaving this time. I am happy to be settled and have a house and make friends that I can be with for more than a couple of months; but I am sad that we won't be exploring other parts of the country and getting to know people in other places too. Anyway, my point is that no matter where you go, you can find great people, and that is particularly true here (as it was in Oregon and Minnesota and Utah).

Anyway, don't worry about how I tactfully neglected to mention the surprise comment on my last post. Yes, Bryce found the blog. I was horrified. Now I see why people refer to other people by their initials only, a practice I will soon be incorporating on this blog :) . I just want to point out how consistent my life is--- did he visit the blog on a day when I had written an insightful post about my view of humanity or the world, or a commentary on some amazing book I had read? Nope. He came on the day I posted awkward pictures of myself growing up and admitted to shaving my widows peak. Perfect :). It is so funny to me that he found the blog, and it was even funnier to Blaine; we both laughed until we cried, and luckily I have a new embarrassing moment- you know because I hardly have any these days (rigghhhhht).


Linds said...

Oh man, Fids that is hilarious about him finding your blog!!! wow, I'm laughing so hard too!!! How DID he find it?

Linds said...

Fids... have you ever googled "BC" of course writing his name out? Your blog posting shows up as the third or fourth site down on that search!!