Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Honey, can you shrink our kid?

I was sufficiently warned by my friends with multiple children that as soon as I saw Gwen after the baby was born that she would seem bigger, older, more mature, etc. Though I don't know that she seems more mature she really did grow about a foot overnight.

I have always loved Gwen's feet. It's a long story but most of my life I hated feet. I would wear socks with sandals and quiver at the thought of anyone seeing my ugly feet. I didn't like to see other people's feet either, I would most certainly never kiss, let alone touch, anyones foot.

But then there was Gwen. . . and her toes were so teeny and wrinkly, and so gosh darn cute. Before I could think twice I was kissing her toes and rubbing her feet, it was my favorite thing! And though her feet have grown over the last three years, they still seemed small and cute, and I would still rub them and give them little kisses. Other people's kids had big, ugly, gross, smelly feet (of course not your kids!), but Gwen's were sweet as could be.

So I come home from the hospital with Bentley and Gwen now has the big kid feet, they are huge, and that's not all-- you should change her diaper! Talk about size discrepancy between she and Bentley. We have one in the smallest size diapers they make and one in the biggest (any volunteers to potty train her? ).

Anyway, she grew so much during my two day stay at the hospital. And it seems crazy but Bentley is growing too fast too. His cord is going to fall off soon, he isn't wrinkly anymore. Ahhh, I need time to stop. This time of life is perfect, we are all happy and healthy and all is well. . . I am scared to move forward because what if it isn't always this perfect (it surely can't stay like this for long --- sounds pessimistic, but life does have its ups and downs).

Anyway, I am just trying to suck the most out of life and enjoy every moment having a new little one, heaven knows in three years he will probably have big kid stinky feet :)


Ralphie said...

That's funny Kristi, I have the same hebe-geebes about feet. Especially MEN feet. "Don't touch me!" But babys' feet are just as kissable as their cheeks. What's also funny is Lucy has grown up so much to me since you have had Ben. I didn't know it worked with your friend's kids too!

Sarah said...

I know what you mean. Feet are yucky! Except Claire's - hers are so dainty. Yet I'm sure when the second one comes I'll be thinking the same things. Hey, when can we come over and meet Ben?

Gretchen said...

I think it's funny there are so many feet-o-phobes. Feet don't phase me. Happiness is bare feet! In fact, I like Claire's feet more now that they're getting grown up looking. I like that they're not one big wad of fat anymore, they have arches and everything! Suddenly she's more like a real PERSON!!! >>I<< think it's adorable when her feet are all brown and I can't tell how much is tan and how much is dirt. I sound like such a weirdo...