Monday, October 15, 2007

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for...

Alright so it isn't so much the moment you've all been waiting for, so much as it is the moment that I have been waiting for, but you can still be excited!

You know how people are always reminding you to not wish your life away because it passes too fast already, etc. etc. That has always been kind of hard for me. It's not that I really wished my life away, but I was always excited for the next big thing.

As a kid, of course, you couldn't wait to be grown up. I couldn't wait until high school, particularly for when I was 16 and could drive and date. When I turned 16 driving and dating weren't enough. I wanted a car and a boyfriend. I couldn't wait for the first time I held hands, my first kiss. Then I couldn't wait for graduation and college. My college years found me not being able to wait until Blaine got home from his mission.

Once Blaine was home I couldn't wait to get married. Once we were married I couldn't wait to finish school. Once I finished school I couldn't wait until Blaine finished school. I couldn't wait until we would have our own house. I couldn't wait until we had our own kids. I couldn't wait until we had a real job.

And of course we all know, for my whole life I couldn't wait until I could have a dog!

This year so many of the things I couldn't wait for came to pass! Blaine finished school, we moved into a house, we got a real job. I still found myself waiting. I absolutely could not wait to not be pregnant anymore!

Well folks. The moment is here. He is done with school (for now), we have a nice house, we have two great kids, we are all happy and healthy and doing so well. I kind of want to freeze time and just live like this forever. I would gladly take living in this happy little life forever over letting time pass . . . getting a bigger house, a better job, etc. because at least right now I know that I am extremely happy and everyone is healthy, and there are no promises of that for the future. I feel like I just finished a wild roller coaster ride; so many life events in such a short period. And while the change is exciting and fun, I am loving settling into a routine and meeting friends that will hopefully not change every semester, etc. etc.

Even with all this satisfaction though, in the wee hours of the night I sometimes find myself thinking. . . I can't wait until Bentley sleeps through the night ;)


Ralphie said...

You forgot "I can't wait for us to move to a place that never has thunderstorms and for technology to develop a way to travel quickly with out having to get off the ground."

Ralphie said...

... and for my closet to be as big as Ralphie's.

Bart Bradshaw said...

Janssen's dad told me he was the same way, always pushing hard to accomplish the next goal -- to get past the next hurdle in life. He always thought he'd eventually get a feeling of relief and feel like he had made it. But regardless of how successful he has been, or how many tasks he has completed, he has never yet felt like he's made it.

I know what he means, but I knew I had made it once Janssen and I got married. Everything else is gravy.

Janssen and I actually feel the same way. Everything is quite nice right now. My favorite advice from my older brother was to enjoy every stage in life for what it is. It kind of put everything into perspective for me. I'm glad you guys are happy - we hope to be your friends and to stay here for a long time (at least two years) :).

Jill said...

It's so true Fiddle. It's so easy to want more than what you have right now. So congrats on getting to that place in your life. I can't wait until I'm more like you! :)

Michelle said...

Fids, I feel the same way. I have been waiting for 6 years to have Cameron finished with school and have a real job. It has finally happened! We also waited forever to be able to have our family grow, and it is happening (although not completely until January-way too far away!) But it is exciting to finally get past a huge goal! Congratulations!

mom Wendy said...

I can't help but think of Aunt Nancy's advice at EVERY Winder baby shower: "Don't wish your life away."

How big is Ralphie's closet?