Wednesday, October 10, 2007


So a couple of days ago our next door neighbor was over visiting with us. She mentioned that we may want to be extra cautious about locking our doors and leaving our porch light on. Apparently a couple nights before her son had been leaving for work at about 2:30AM and he saw a guy in the shadows peering into a window on the vacant house next door to them (so this is two houses away from us). Then the guy walked around and through some other yards, apparently went through our garbage cans, etc. Sandy called the police, but it took them thirty minutes to get here. They scoured the neighborhood and couldn't find anyone. They assume that it was just a homeless guy looking for a place to stay.

I was already paranoid about someone breaking into our house, so this made it worse. Then yesterday Gwen said our family prayer at night and randomly included, "please bless us that we won't die". Then before she headed off to bed she clung to me and said she was scared. When I asked her what about, she said she was scared about who was in our house. Hello! Not okay, where is all this coming from?

I have several things that I think disqualify me from being a good mom, and one of them is that I am not brave, at all. When most kids climb into their parents bed because they are afraid of thunder and lightning, I am waking my kids up in the night to make them go sleep in the closet under the stairs. . . you get the idea.

So I was pretty paranoid last night. At least, I assumed, if someone were trying to break into our house our "good-for-nothin'" dogs would bark and make a ruckus and wake us up. Ahhh, those valiant little puppies will keep us safe !

I had gone to bed a little bit earlier than Blaine (rough day yesterday), but I was awoken to the sound of our dogs barking hysterically. Um, they don't do that. They are crazy and will occasionally resist going to bed, or make yawning sounds in the middle of the night, but they don't bark during the night! I jolt up in bed to see Blaine peering out our back window, apparently all the dogs in the neighborhood (or at least the one behind our house) were barking too. Eeeeek. What the heck is going on?

So, nothing more became of it. Except that while laying awake all night feeding and caring for the brother I was doubly sure I wouldn't get any sleep because I was afraid of intruders.

No more scary movies for me for a while!


Ralphie said...

Promise me you'll take a nip today! Right after you take "a chill pill".
I love that saying. It makes me laugh when people say it in anger.

Bart Bradshaw said...

In high school, my friend and I were out around 10pm, trying to round up another friend or two to go bowling with us. We knew our buddy was awake, and we didn't want to wake his family, so we knocked directly on what we thought was his window.

The next thing we knew, his dad rushed out the front door with his shotgun pointed at us. "What the bleep are you doing here? Don't you know you could get yourself killed that way?"

He couldn't see us very well, and after we assured him we were friends and that we were just trying to get his son's attention, he told us that there had been a guy stocking his older daughter, so he had been on the ready for several weeks.

I never heard more about the stocker again. I wonder if anyone did, or if my friend's dad disposed of him quietly . . . ;)

Anyway, if you guys ever need someone to get there faster than thirty minutes, I hear Brian is good with a pocket knife (from scouting and all).