Friday, October 12, 2007


Just in case anyone is curious. It costs approximately$14,500 to have a baby these days. That's right. Thank heavens for insurance. Thank heavens that the company Blaine works for let us start on their insurance even though I was already pregnant and previously uninsured. Talk about a tender mercy! With the insurance our cost out of pocket was $15. Hmmm what to do with the $14,485 we saved! Oh, that's right, we would not have been able to pay the $14,485. Hallelujah for insurance!!!!!!! I've cursed it's name many times, but when you are on the receiving end it sure feels good!

For those who are curious, the blessed epidural costs $2200. I hope we always have insurance or else I may have to seriously consider working on my granolaness, well that or going through about 12 more years of school to become an anesthesiologist, they sound about equally hard to me.


Julie said...

We had to pay $200.00 for Cameron because they wouldn't cover his circumcision. They say it's cosmetic and it's not covered. How lame is that? Amen on always having an epidural!!!

Gretchen said...

Isn't that insurance great? Scott cost us $30 only because I had to switch OB's and pay a 2nd copay! I think I would consider paying for an epidural out of pocket if I had to, they're worth it!

Kristi said...

Well, we just got Bentley's bills for the nursery and circ, etc. So I need to make a correction: childbirth these days costs about $16,000. Dang!