Monday, October 15, 2007

Omega 3

The other day when I got home from the store I noticed that I accidentally picked up catfish instead of tilapia. Catfish. The first thing that comes to mind when I think about catfish is that they never die. I swear my mom told me a story of my brother catching some catfish and they tried everything to kill them. They stayed alive for like three days in the freezer. Or something. Remember this memory is coming from the recesses of my brain.

It's not like I was going to go and return the catfish. We have a goal to eat fish three times a week now, so I may as well expand my horizons beyond tilapia and salmon. Still all day today when I would look up catfish recipes or see the fish in the fridge I would get a chill down my spine. I half expected the catfish fillet to start flopping around in my fridge.

I was explaining this paranoia to Blaine. He didn't believe me that catfish never die (or are hard to kill). I knew a surefire well to settle the dispute... call my mother.

This is how the conversation went:

MOM: Hello?
[Bentley starts screaming]
Me: Hey mom, I have a question. Do you remember telling me how you can't kill catfish?
MOM: Well, you can kill them, they are just hard to kill.
Me: Don't you remember telling me how James caught a catfish and you tried to kill it for three days and it wouldn't die even in the freezer?
MOM: Well, I spent a lot of money on a catfish one time because I knew they were hard to kill.
Me: You spent money on a catfish?
MOM: Yeah, I got one and put it in the garden?
Me: You did WHAT? Why would you do that?
Mom: Because I heard they were hard to kill and I thought that would be good for the garden.

A light bulb goes on in my head.

Me: CATFISH mother not cactus!

It was a really funny conversation and you probably had to be there. Let's just say that apparently catfish and cactus are hard, but not impossible, to kill.

Thanks for the laugh mom!


Jennifer said...

Ha Ha! That's funny. Congrats on the goal to eat more fish. I have a couple of really good recipes. One talapia recipe that my kids love! Let me know if you want me to send it to you.

Mom Genessy said...

Okay, to begin with and in my defense, It really sounded like you said cactus, then the whole conversation took a bizare turn when you said something about them still being alive after they were frozen for three days. Why would anyone freeze cactus???????

Of course Ben was crying pretty loud and it was hard to hear, it also immediately took me back to the days when my own children were little and trying to drive me crazy, I slipped into self defense mom mode just like the olden days

The whole catfish episode happened when dad was delivering milk up on Walker Lane many years ago. (Thats where all the rich people in Utah live, even John Stockton lived there when he lived in Utah) The whole Salt Lake Valley was flooded at the time, and the streams in Walker Lane were over run with hugh catfish, Dad caught a couple and threw them in the back of the milk truck where they flopped and thrashed around for the rest of the day, they were still alive by the time he got them home, so he gave them a little tap on the head with a hammer. they still flopped all over the place. They are a pretty tough fish to kill and they are extremely UGLY, any way he was finally able to kill them and we ate some catfish, I must say I didn't enjoy them. maybe you will like them better. Let me know how you fix them, I think I breaded and fried the catfish we had.

Blaine said...

That is a great story mom; however I have to say that Kristi called you for her own sake, not because I was on the fence and needed convincing. I told her, and I stand by this still, that until I see that catfish fillet flopping and gallivanting around the freezer myself, no number of witnesses swearing that catfish live for the three days that Kristi described will convince me.