Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dear Anonymous. . .

This was sent in your honor, and to appease my conscience. .

Dear Josephine--

I wanted to apologize to you if my e-mail seemed impolite or disrespectful.
I thought you may think it was humorous! I sure had a good laugh when I
got your response that said you were my mother, but after re-reading the
e-mail I sent to you I realize that my tone may have come across in a way
I did not mean for it to. I promise I am a nice person :). I just want to make
sure that you don't change your plane to Texas, and that you get where you
need to go. I wonder if you are getting my e-mail address mixed up with your
daughters. Could hers be (with no period between
kristi and bassett) ? Just wanted to apologize and make sure you know that
the tone of my e-mail was meant to be light and teasey, not malicious and
mean. I hope you have a wonderful time visiting your family for Thanksgiving,
I am jealous of your Kristi Bassett, as I wish we had family coming in to town
for the holiday! We are lonesome here in Texas! Anyway, enjoy your trip
and make sure to forward your itinerary to your real daughter so she can be
there to pick you up :).


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