Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Do you ever wonder if you have some incredible talent that is laying deep inside you waiting to be uncovered? I wonder it all the time. I think I wonder it because I don't seem to have any real showy talent (I say that so you don't all comment and say that I am a real nice person and that is my talent. If it were true that is one thing, but. . .;) ). Sure I can plunk "Away on a Manger" on the piano, and screech out "Good King Winsislaus" on the violin. Shhh, I know that isn't how you spell Winnsischlausx. Spelling is also not my talent (though from a young age I have been able to spell Czechoslovakia, which I have always been proud of). Oh and I also got like 4th place in our elementary school spelling bee. We all know that punctuation (especially semicolon usage) is not my strength.

So when I go to talent shows, recitals, sporting events, etc. I have to ask myself the obvious questions:

What if I would have had the brains to eat breakfast that morning of basketball tryouts in 7th grade? You know the tryouts where I ran out of the gym moments before I "lost my lunch" in the parking lot and had to go home. You know my three friends that I was trying out with all made the team, they all played all through highschool. Was I supposed to be with them?

Or what about that one time, also in seventh grade, when I ran in the Liger Chase. I had never really run before but I kept pace with Annie Hoerschl, she was the best runner in the whole school and admittedly I was quite a bit behind her, but I stayed the same distance behind her the whole race, which means I was running just as fast, right? What if I could have been an Olympian, had I just gathered the gumption to try.

Art? Who knows!

And isn't is suspicious how good I am at Dance Dance Revolution? Is my inner dancer just waiting to come out?

Anyway, just curious what you think your untapped talents are. Today as I cut Swiper and Boots I realized that I was probably meant to be a professional dog groomer. I will post photos later, don't worry.


Gretchen said...

I know how you feel. I feel like I am destined to be "decent" at lots of things (not singing or dancing though... those are hopeless cases) but not REALLY GOOD at anything.

Well that's not true. There was one thing I was REALLY GOOD at, if I do say so myself. I was REALLY GOOD at school. I take tests well. I can figure out what a teacher wants. I can jump through hoops and get great grade results, but what good does that do me now? Man, there are days I wish I could quit this whole mom thing and go back to school so I could be good at something again. So it sure would be nice if I could find some other "untapped" talent that is more mom-life friendly. On the up side, I'm probably learning more important things now than I was in school. I'm certainly forced to struggle more. I guess to everything there is a season. Maybe someday...

JoAnna said...

Amen to this post and the previous comment!!! I think about this often! I even posted on it a ways back... And tonight my husband was downstairs practicing his laporascopic skills (good ol' surgeon) and wanted me try it out. I did try, secretly wondering if I was going to be a natural at it. I completely sucked. Turns out that's not my talent, which is good to know. But what else is in there (in that potential box within me)? You know?

Allisun said...

Kristi, you are so great! You are a sociologist through and through. Reading your posts shows that you think so much about how we interact, and the effects previous actions have on present situations. You ask questions about everyday things that most people don't even notice. I love it! That is the reason we are kindred spirits!

Emily Youngdell said...

Kristi maybe you should take up teaching a dance dance revolution class? That could be really fulfilling. Ü (hey if I lived in Texas I would definitely attend)

I too feel the same way about the whole talent thing. Well, you definitely have a talent with writing, your blogs are hilarious!
I love that your dogs are named Swiper and Boots. We are big Dora fans too.

Linds said...

I once heard a definition of what a "talent" is that I totally loved and it made me feel really talented! A talent is something that you really enjoy doing and are kind of good at!

julianne orth said...

i remember you talking about this when we were little, cuz you thought that you had no talents, but sports, dancing, singing etc. are just the talents that get the most attention. I wish i had the talent to write like you or be a deep thinker like you, those talents are so much more rewarding to everyone. no body really cares now how many points i scored in a game, i am just a pregnant mommy who can bring up in conversation "yah, i used to be really good at this.." those talents are so temporary, i try to work on the ones that really matter now.