Friday, November 2, 2007

There are too many kids (and puppies) in this tub!

I guess deep down in my heart of hearts I do want to participate in this Nablopomo (National Blog Posting Month, I found out that is what it is officially called), because even though I don't have much to say it was kind of bugging me that it is almost midnight and I have not yet blogged. Don't worry though-- the house is clean and cleaning it today counted as my exercise. Today the focus was on getting everyone bathed -- so by 4PM Ben, Gwen, Me, Swiper and Boots had all had baths. The yard had been pooper scooped. Two loads of laundry. Bathroom cleaned (you have to do that after you bathe two puppies). And the downstairs and main rooms upstairs are still clean. Come on, you know you want to drop by and see! I'm amazing. And pooped. Deep down I will tell you that these two days of trying to keep my house in viewing order have done nothing but make me realize what a genius I am to not care so much about maintaining order. Sure I got all those things done, but I didn't do anything fun all day, not cool.

Anyway, I am sure you wanted that little update on the cleanliness of my house. Don't worry; I promise a thought provoking and/or embarrassing blog entry tomorrow. This one is a cheap shot, but it is 10:30 and Blaine was gone at work today for 13 hours (how did I survive him being gone that long every day for our last year of school???). So today you get the lame blog entry. Tune back in tomorrow!


JoAnna said...

"make me realize what a genius I am for not caring..." Best line ever!!!

Emily Youngdell said...

I know that you don't know me but my name is Emily and Melissa and I worked at Oakcrest together. I was talking to her a little while ago about blogging and she told me that your blogs were so entertaining so I had to check it out! I must say that you are quite funny and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs!

I too share the same feelings about people just dropping in and my house looking like a bomb had gone off in there. (had this exact incident happen today..) I think that I am going to take you up on your password idea...