Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Serenity Now- update

I hate how the last post made me sound like a Thanksgiving Scrooge, so I thought I would offer an update.

Bentley screamed for the following two hours after the grocery store. While I was elbow deep in a spiral cut ham. For some reason it didn't occur to me that I would not be able to cut my spiral cut ham into cubes. It was already cut razor thin. This kind of ham doesn't lend itself well to being cut and frozen for soup later. It was kind of a mess.

Totally distressed I turned on Bob the Builder for Gwen, let Ben cry it out in his room, and drowned out my sorrows in our last half box of Chocolate Chip Buddy Grahms. I hadn't realized how starved I had felt. I fed Gwen lunch and finally got Bentley down for a nap.

Should I clean? The guests are coming! I couldn't. I marched myself right to bed. I just woke up, I am not sure how long I got to sleep. somewhere in the 30-40 minute range. I honestly hugged and kissed the corner of my bed as I rolled out. I still feel so tired. I know that Ben will start screaming soon, but somehow I am excited for Thanksgiving again. I even called my guests and told them they have to bring lettuce for tonight. So that's under control.

The house is indeed a mess (I have been doing awesome on my November goal, but for some reason last night at 10 PM I thought "hey, I've waited six months, but I will not wait a second longer!" and I started cleaning out the garage. So my house is a mess and my garage is a mess.), but the guests are family, they'll understand right? And I haven't showered in a long time, but I just decided that I will hand the children off to my guests and take the worlds longest nice luxurious shower when they get here. Then, knowing my children are in capable hands, I will prop a door up against my bedroom door, lick the remaining buddy grahm crumbs from the package, bury my head under the blankets and sleep. Sweet sleep.

But, I am excited for Thanksgiving and glad that the old lady got her turkey and that I have some very expensive ham slices in the freezer :). I have so much to be Thankful for and I'm sorry that I had to vent about my frustrating day. I love my kids and they are really good most of the time. I couldn't ask for a better happier life, even though it certainly includes its trying days :).

Well, I better go, Bentley has woken, and the crying has begun!


Brookeh said...

Fiddle you are so cute. It's amazing how 30 minutes of sleep can help an attitude sometimes. And yes, you are more than welcome to come visit next fall!

Engineman said...

Periodically, Rob sits me down to read your blog because he says it reminds him so much of me... even the planning out fun vacations. I love them. BTW, Rob and I are going to Tuscany and then traveling around Italy when he graduates. You are invited, too. We can all stay in this lovely medieval castle that a friend of mine stayed in(complete with a nice pool) and sleep in till whenever! I'm thinking that probably Feb. 2009, but we are actually very flexible about times. Heck, why not pretend to go THIS February?


Kathrin Paul said...

Ok. This is the third time I've written this comment because I obviously don't remember my google password. BUT, it is three times as true, I guess!

Fids, I love reading your blog! You should seriously write an article in a newspaper or magazine, you really are talented! I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving, and I'm glad you have found such great friends and psuedo-family there in the big TX, but you are so great and fun to be around that I'm sure it's not a sacrifice for anyone!

Love ya!

Melissa Ash said...

Colic? Matthew Jr. sure had a lot of days like that, so I can relate. I am so very sorry!!! At least you have wonderful family/friends that you can pass the kids off to and go relax!! Here's to hoping you get some good sleep and a nice long shower!!