Monday, November 19, 2007


I should compose a book about all of the interesting things I choose to do when I really should be sleeping. There is a golden hour in my life, about every 2-3 days where my kids are taking naps at the exact same time. You would think this would be an excellent opportunity to take a nap myself, read a book, clean the house, write in the kids' journal, etc. No, there are much more important things to do! For some reason it was extremely urgent that today, during the golden hour, I plan a trip to the Caribbean . It took a lot of searching through various resort websites, discount airline sites, etc. but I have finally decided that our Caribbean vacation (next year is our five year anniversary by the way) will be taken in beautiful. . .

MONTEGO BAY, JAMAICA! Don't worry we will be staying at an all inclusive resort with several formal and casual dining options. All of our equipment for snorkeling, sailing, etc will be provided for us with the cost of the resort. Scuba diving will be extra, but it will be worth it. I have our airfare all worked out too. It's going to be great!!! And should it all fall through I have an alternate vacation planned for Caye Caulker Belize. Oh and one in St. Thomas. It's a fool proof plan, and it is going to be amazing. Except for that it is not going to happen :).

*Can't leave a new baby
*Don't have the vacation time
*Don't have the money
*Tremendous fear of flying

blah blah blah, but should all of those factors change it is good to know that I won't have to research all of the information again. Because I did it today. It was important to get it done. Way more important than taking a nap. We've got to have our priorities in order.


Janssen said...

Do you really not like to fly?

Kristi said...

"not like" is putting it very very very mildly. I am terrified of flying. I am so glad though that you didn't know that about me because I kind of feel like it is one of the major defining characteristics I have and that bothers me. So let's pretend that you still don't know :)

Sheyenne said...

Unfortunately, I do that kind of stuff too. And then I kick myself for not doing something else. Just can't seem to fight the urge some days though.

kateworthi said...

KRIS - you are HILARIOUS! I was reading the first part thinking, 'Dang, they're really livin' it up!' And I was seriously jealous for a second! But good to know that your life is as exciting as mine - I'm not missing out! (BTW, we were super lame on our 5 year anniversary this May, dinner. That's what happens when you're not lucky enough to live by family and have no $. But I know you guys will be better than us!) You're the best!

Shauna said...

I am ashamed to say how much time I spend on real estate sites looking at houses that we might live in next. When I find a really good one and send it to Mike via chat, he usually responds with the obligatory, "WHAT are you doing?" or "Do I need to put on the 'sites to filter' list with our internet filter?" But, I say, it's best to be prepared. What if we were to move suddenly and immediately and had no idea what the real estate market in Cache Valley, Utah was doing... or Austin, for that matter. (, in case you're interested) or Portland, Oregon. I say, it's always best to be prepared...scout motto and all.

Happy vacation hunting!