Friday, November 16, 2007

Somebody snitched on me!

Just a note: If you ever want to put a picture of stockings on your blog, be sure you type in "Christmas Stockings" or else you will see some images that you will wish you hadn't.
Am I a bad person? Today I got most of Gwen's Christmas shopping done. Most of it from the comfort of this very computer chair. I love online shopping. It's the best. Anyway, so I went over the limit as I usually do, and I caught myself justifying it with "It's okay because we don't need to get Bentley any Christmas presents.".
Hello? What kind of mother am I? Sure he wont notice now but when we are gathered around the fire sipping cocoa in twenty years and we decide to flip through our old photo albums (I can hear it now "hey remember back when all they had were digital cameras? Ahh, those were the simple times) and Bentley will notice that Gwen was showered with gifts and he got. . . what diapers? Maybe some wipes?
Also, Gwen is a fairly observant soul. I bet she will notice the injustice of it as well. It's not like Gwen is our favorite or anything, but Bentley a) doesn't need anything right now and b) will not notice if he does not get anything fun.

It's a step up from what happened to me when I was about 7. I had decided there was no Santa Claus. When I snuck up on Christmas morning (I was a total sneaker, Blaine is repulsed by that) all there was was a lump of coal. Not a joke lump of coal with other presents hiding elsewhere. Just a lump of coal.

Santa came later in the day after much distress and pleading on my part.


Sheyenne said...

Hey Kristi,
Found your blog through Janssen's. Lovin' what I've read so far! I also love shopping online. I mainly do it on Amazon for the free shipping deals. My husband gets a lot of packages delivered to the house for work, so even if the box shows up while my kids are home, I just tell them it's another package for Daddy, and it works out great! No crowds, no driving all over town, no waiting in line.
And I just have to say, kudos to your parents for giving you a lump of coal. "Those who believe, will receive." I've wanted to do the lump of coal thing, but don't think I'd have the guts to make my kids cry on Christmas!

Janssen said...

I'm so with your parents and Blaine - you deserve the coal for snitching on your presents. My mom always had the presents in her closet and we knew it, but we never ever looked because it ruined the surprise and we didn't want to do that. Otherwise Christmas moring is not nearly as fun.

If my children peek, I will probably have to send their presents back :)

Bart said...

I would never peek before Christmas. But on Christmas morning when I couldn't sleep for excitement, I'd tip-toe up the stairs and stay in a previously designated kosher spot to do it. So I don't think I was doing anything wrong.

Well, there was one Christmas in Connecticut when I went far enough to see my remote control corvette waiting for me. Ahh, the excitement (and a little guilt because I didn't know where I could peek from without crossing a line)!