Friday, August 8, 2008


Happy 08/08/08 the word on the street is that is offering an 80% off sale today, so that rocks! Don't forget to go there through your ebates account (what you haven't signed up? Remember to say sent you) for 15% cash back. That means you can get a $25 gift certificate for like....$1.50 or something. Go crazy and thank me later.


Kristi said...

The coupon code for 80% off is FIRST

Kristi said...

PPS so you could join the dinner of the month club (normally $120) for $24 which gives you a $25 gift certificate every month and a bonus $50 gift certificate, not too shabby my friends.

Janssen said...

I saw the email about the 80% off thsi morning and groaned aloud, since I bought FOUR gift certificates from them in the last couple of days. At least those ones were 50%. But still!