Friday, August 15, 2008

Weekend "What would you do if....?"

Okay, so Bart always does a weekend "Which would you rather?" but today I have "What would you do if..."

So, what would you do if you left your sprinkler out on your lawn for a while. Admittedly it was a pretty long while. Gwen ran through the sprinklers a week, or two, or perhaps three ago and I put away the hose, but I left the sprinkler head on the lawn. Not sure why, just did. Anyway, it sat there forever. I didn't really have a reason to move it, it's just little and pretty green, so it blended right in. I had a million reasons not to move it. Mainly all of those are little tiny fire ants waiting anxiously to bit my bare feet. Anyway, so two days ago I noticed the sprinkler was gone. Fine, $3 no big deal, it's my own fault. Then this morning I go out and my next door neighbor (who we are totally friends with and are the nicest people in the world) have my sprinkler going on their lawn.

Sure, I got it from wal-mart, they may have the same one, BUT I have seen their sprinkler before and it's a little rainbow thing and mine is more of a twirly thing. Should I go sneak it back? What do I do if I need it....go as to borrow "theirs"?

Kind of a pickle isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Call the police those theives! :)

Sheyenne said...

I'd jokingly say, "Hey! Sprinkler thief!" the next time I saw her. Then threaten to steal her doormat or something. That's really weird, but I think I'd really have to say something.

JoAnna said...

Odd! I would for sure just go take it back without saying a word!!

Aimee said...

I would knock on their door and ask to borrow their sprinkler. Tell them that yours has mysteriously disappeared and Gwen really wants to run through the sprinklers with one that looks EXACTLY like hers.