Friday, August 22, 2008


So, say you had $0.99 plus tax left to your name, and you were starving. Where would you go and what would you get? Would it be a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger? Fruit and Yogurt Parfait? KFC Snacker?
My personal favorite is a taco bell tostada. I had them all the time as a kid then they disappeared off the face of the earth. One day while pregnant with Bentley I asked the taco bell lady why they don't have tostadas. She told me that they did, they just weren't listed on the menu. Hello? That was about a good 10 years of my life that I was tostadaless for no reason. Anyway, that's a personal favorite. Or Wendy's fries (with BBQ sauce, obviously).
Just curious.


TheMoncurs said...

I'd go to the nearest grocery store and get myself an apple and some yogurt.

I don't really like fast food these days. Too much barfing while prego, I think.

Anonymous said...

I love to get the chili at wendy's or the chicken sandwich. But really I like it all, bacon cheeseburgers, fries, frosties, double cheeses, and I wonder why I am on WW's!

Blaine said...

Dollar fries from McDonalds. Oh yeah, baby.

chelon:) said...

i am going to have to go with the mcd's fries....nobody makes them like they do! and the look fabulous on my thighs :)

Sheen Family said...

Total toss-up. LOVE a good tostada - in fact, that is my lunch many, many days!! But you can't just bypass the best fries ever - I'm also with Chelon on McD's fries!

But as far as I know, the tostada was never off the menu!! Where are you from? Maybe they only dropped them in Utah?! Cause Cali has always had them!

Gretchen said...

HELL-O! Hot fudge sundae. Most chocolate for your buck. Hey, we all have our priorities, and mine is chocolate.