Thursday, August 7, 2008

Why I wear sunscreen. Always.

I only read the blogs of two people who I do not know in the flesh. Correction, now just of one person (lucky me I got to meet Shauna Jones in person while in Utah!). Who is it? Kayla. I stumbled upon her blog once and read about the plight of her pregnancy and felt I could relate and then future posts would reveal that she is a seriously funny person and I enjoy reading her blog tremendously. I used to blog hop all the time; I would find myself reading blogs of friends of friends of friends' sisters, etc. What the heck is the point of that? Sure it was interesting and I stumbled on some funny posts, but mostly I was just wasting time. So, I made the rule, I can't read your blog unless I know you (except you Kayla), not even for you Pioneer Woman, or Whoorl, or Flinsippy or all these other great blogs I hear about. Because really, how interesting would my blog be if I spent my life reading everyone elses, I needed to get out and actually start doing things so I could blog about them :)

Anyway, back in my blog hopping days I clicked on a blog from a friends website. I happened to click on the particular day that this sweet girls husband had passed away, from skin cancer. You can die from skin cancer. Did you know that? I had just figured everyone would have skin cancer eventually, both my parents have it and it involves nothing more than going to get it burned off every couple of years or something. Not for this guy. Not for his wife and newborn daughter. For them skin cancer was a horrible battle that ended in tragedy. From the day he was re diagnosed with cancer he lived 100 days. That's not enough. That's not enough time for Blaine and I. Not enough time for Gwen and I and not enough time for Bentley and I. I continued reading the post and made a commitment to always wear sunscreen. Hello, you can prevent skin cancer! I know, the odds of it happening to me are slim, but still, so are the odds that a seat belt will be necessary when I drive down the street, but I put it on. Every time. I lock my doors. Every night. I sit next to the bathtub when my kids are in there. Every time, for every second. Because really? You never know and if something happens to my kids or someone in my family that I could have prevented....I just couldn't live with it. You know? So I am doing my best and that involves wearing sunscreen. Every time. You should too, tans are overrated, plus I still am tan and I wear SPF 50 Every time! It kills me when people wear no sunscreen at all or SPF 2. It's your life, you know?

Anyway, sunglasses are a different story. I knew cool people wore them, but I'm not really that cool. So I never wore them. Then I got these disgusting yellow gooberisms on my eyeballs. I asked the eye doctor and she said it was sun damage because I didn't wear sunglasses. So I bought sunglasses, and I live in fear that people think I am trying to be cool because I wear them. That fear was brought to daylight when the second day of wearing them "B" of "bandralphie" told me that I looked too cool to have two kids. Hardy har har I HAVE YELLOW GOOBERS ON MY EYEBALL. Anyway, so you should wear sunglasses too. Just not the big bug eye ones :) Just kidding, I know you all have them. I don't because, once again, I'm not that cool.
You know what though? Life has been better since I started wearing sunglasses. If you go swimming in Texas without sunglasses after about three minutes you want to rip your eyeballs out of your sockets and throw them in a bucket of ice, so it's nice to not have to deal with that.

Anyway, sorry for the occasional soapbox, but Baz Luhrmann put it best "wear sunscreen"


TheMoncurs said...

A. I feel really special!

B. My dad gets spots burned off all the time too. And I can't believe my mom hasn't had to because she is a sun bunny.

C. I wear sunscreen AND big sunglasses, even thought I didn't know about eyeball sun damage. My dad is my skin cancer cautionary tale. It scares me.

Gretchen said...

I wear sunscreen for many reasons, but the biggest is that I don't tan anyway. I burn. And the burn doesn't fade to a tan. It just peels. And if by some miracle I escape burning and peeling, then I don't get an even tan. I get all these little dark brown spots. Oh right, there's a word for that. Freckles. Not exactly a look that's popular, especially on grown women. At least my makeup mostly covers the ones I get on my face DESPITE ALWAYS wearing sunscreen.

Bart said...

When I returned from two years in Korea (you know, hanging out and stuff), getting tan had lost its importance to me. Especially when we discovered that my younger brother has XP (a disease where his skin does not heal itself after being burned by the sun. He has to 100% protected, 100% of the time with clothes and sunscreen).

The sunglasses, though, have always made me feel "too cool" too. I mostly just wear them in the car.

I tried on Ralphie's last night. They're my size! :)

Kathrin Paul said...

After clicking on that link to the Brown's story and crying for two hours while I read all of it, I will now wear sunscreen when I go to bear lake next week. And I'll never fake bake again. Honestly, it really touched me.

Robin said...

Kristi, I have those yellow goobers, too. Only the eye doctor told me it was ... lipid deposits. And I was like, "You mean I have FAT oozing out of my eyeballs?!?!?" How gross is that? He told me it was pinqueula (sp?) - as if giving it a tricky name would make it easier to accept. I asked him if he could remove it and he told me the same thing your doc probably told you. So tell me, how do you keep from losing sunglasses?

Point two: ditto on the blog hopping. My stats equal yours: only one person I don't know and the rest I have to know - and talk to regularly. Like, reading the blogs of people in your same ward that you don't really know is too spooky to me.

Point three: I'm glad I know you. Your posts are awesome. If I didn't know you, I'd dump the one "person I don't know" blog for yours. In a second.

Robin said...

OK. So I don't talk to you regularly. But a comment on your blog counts ... right? Who's making the rules? Mostly, I just still want to be able to read your blog....