Monday, August 11, 2008

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket!

The Perseid meteor shower is back! It's the best night of the year for stargazing; of course after 90 days with no rain in Texas it may rain tonight....perrrrrfect. Anyway, grab your lawnchair and go stargazing! We have some great Perseid meteor shower stories.

*There was the time that we drove up in the mountains and the only place to park was in someones driveway, which we figured was fine since it was like 2:00AM (and it was a really long driveway), we rolled down our windows and sat on the door, then when I was trying to crawl back into the car my big fat behind landed right on the horn. We hussled out of there before Jedediah could come out with his shotgun!

*There was the time that we went to a park up in Provo Canyon and spread out our blanket and got all comfortable just in time for the sprinklers to come on.

The list goes on.

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Blaine said...

This really has been a fun tradition. It really is something new every year isn't it? And this year there's too many clouds to even see anything :( Thanks for the fun memories anyway!