Friday, August 29, 2008

The best part of waking up......

is olives in your coffee cup. What? Okay, just to save y'all the trouble. The olives, at the wal-mart by my house at least, are located next to the coffee. I don't know why I didn't know that. I don't know why it took 45 minutes of walking up and down every single isle (except the coffee isle, because....duh it's just coffee) three times and nearly going insane for me to figure out to look in the coffee isle. I thought for a moment there might be a worldwide olive crisis. I mean I checked by the olive oil, I checked by the mayo, pickles, canned meats, I checked everywhere. They are by the coffee. You'll thank me later.

Why do I need olives you ask? Mormons don't drink coffee so why on earth would I need olives? Because I read this article about packing a healthy school lunch, and Gwen starts preschool in a week and three days!! Wahoo. And mostly because we are horrified that she will become the school mockery because she eats her PBandJ sandwiches in such a gross way and the girl at our elementary school who got made fun of the most got made fun of because she ate her food in a gross way (dumping your milk on your dino nuggets, come on). So we are trying to pack things that will not bring humiliation upon our daughter. Olives.

Great, I just remembered the kids who put olives on all of their fingers and pretend to be aliens (me....still). Awesome.

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abby said...

AAAHHHH, where do I start....? I haven't read your blog in forever, so I just read a TON of stuff -- all of it completely awesome. You are so funny Kristi. I can't believe you're having another baby!!! How are you feeling? And, I LOVE the picture of you from elementary school. Priceless. Make sure and tell me when you change your blog address!