Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I've made some pretty bad investment choices in my day. I don't know how many of you recall the Leapfrog incident, but that is just one of many of my mistakes. Most recently I pulled out money from our Employee Stock Purchase plan to cover some medical bills (I have to pay my OBGYN in full before my second trimester ends, isn't that lame?) and two days later our stocks jumped up about 20% a share, so I missed out on several hundred dollars there. Whoops. So it's probably best if you don't take investment advice from me.

It must be said, however, that I have made some excellent investments as well. Not really financially per se, but more like investments in purchases. My favorites being my bed and my sheets. It sounds crazy, but it has been well over two years since we bought our new mattress and sheets but they are still near the top of the list of things I am thankful for in my prayers every single day! In fact I would argue that our mattress and sheets are the best money we have ever spent.

It's not like our old mattress was so bad. It started out great but after about two years it kind of looked more like a hammock than a mattress, so for fun one Saturday we went and tried out some new mattresses at the store. It was a little overwhelming, too many choices plus we couldn't afford any of them. I got home and started looking online and found a king size mattress on for about $1000. That was way less than any of the queen mattresses we had seen that day. This particular mattress had excellent reviews and shipping was free, so we went ahead with the purchase. Ho-ly smokes. We have the most comfortable bed in the world, way better than even the finest hotel (yes, I know because I have stayed in many a fine hotel). It's like we have a little slice of heaven in our house.

So we obviously needed new sheets. Let me tell you this, if you are sleeping on less than like a million thread count sheets I feel sorry for you (alright, I think ours are 1200TC). Life is a billion times better with nice sheets. In fact just the other day I was telling Blaine how I hope when I die he can figure out a way to make my coffin innards out of our mattress and sheets (great idea isn't it?); talk about resting in peace! Our sheets were only about $60 too.

I'm just saying....I know that $1,060 is a lot of moola, but every single day I am grateful that I spent it. Looking back I can see how we took a real gamble ordering a mattress online, but trust your fellow internetites; they have excellent opinions and their reviews are faithful and true. I LOVE reviews. Before I buy anything I go check out what people have said on amazon and target, etc. And it has nearly never failed me.

I guess the reason for this post is now that I have the waking span of a tree sloth I have spent a lot of time in my bed lately, and man, it is one. nice. bed.

The one thing that could be better? Pillows. Still have yet to find the perfect pillows. Well one time I did at the Hyatt Regency in Anaheim. Anyone know of any really nice pillows?

Sorry for the random post, just thought I would give you guys an idea of how to spend that tax rebate check that's burning a hole in your pocket (if you still have your tax rebate money you are my hero).

What is the best purchase you have ever made? Not the best deal, but the thing that you have loved the most for the longest??


Sheen Family said...

Try out the Indulgence pillows at Bed, Bath and Beyond. LOVE THEM!

Kristina said...

My best purchase ever was probably when I bought a pair of Chaco sandals with my graduation money from Utah State. They are way more than I normally pay (about $100), but I've worn them for the past four years all over the place (Germany, hiking the Alps, Mexico, backpacking in Southern Utah). They are so comfortable and have lasted great, although they are starting to wear out. I figure I'll buy another pair when these die since I know I love them.

Emily said...

I've always loved my wedding ring. It's the only thing I'll go back to the house for if I forget it. Totally worth the money to have a ring you really like. Until it doesn't fit my fat pregnant fingers anymore.

Thora said...

Remember me? Your friendly neighborhood stalker? Anyway, I'm the reader in England, except I'm not in England anymore, now I'm in Virginia. And in a month I'll be in Ohio.

Anyway, I think the best purchase I ever made was a large box of nice garbage bags - the kind with the colored plastic drawstrings. I bought them for $11 with part of a gift card for my wedding. They lasted a year and a half of garbages, and they were great. Silly, I know, but there you go.

Also, I have these pair of pants I bought seven years ago for $40 from Express (it was expensive then for me; heck, it's still expensive to me. I usually buy my clothes at DI), and I still wear them and love them even more than when I bought them. Funny thing, I bought a second pair that was exactly the same but for the color, and they only lasted me for two years.

Melissa Ash said...

My hubby and I just went on a pillow search for his birthday, and found the best pillow ever. And it was relatively cheap. OK, so not too cheap, but better than $100 or even the $45 second pillow we bought! Go to Bed Bath and Beyond, and look at their big huge square Euro Pillows! It was $25.00 and I say it is worth a million! I LOVE it and want to go get me one. I am jealous every single time I see Matthew lay his head down on that wonderful, soft, yet firm, heavenly pillow! OK, so maybe I'm overdoing it, but check it out, and you will see!

Melissa Ash said...

OH, and we just spent most of our tax rebate money! I think it is going to be the best purchase ever! We are cutting a big huge hole in our house and putting a sliding glass door in, and then adding a nice deck out back! Let me tell you, I can NOT wait!

julianne orth said...

where did you get your sheets? I hate mine

Heather said...

I bought a black skirt at Banana Republic in 2001 and it was more than $70. I thought it was a lot at the time, and I still do. However, that skirt is still in my closet, it is still dark black, and it still fits (it is kind of adjustable... need that when you are a changing woman, having babies and all). Best $ on clothes. Also, I think a good pair of jeans is important too. I am not one to spend more than $100 (umm my husband would FREAK) but I do spend about $68 and I only have one, but I LOVE them (silver jeans). One more thing. I really love Nordstrom's bras. Nice one, eh! They have a store brand bra that, during the Anniversary Sale (that just ended), is like $18 and I tell you, it is better than any other bra I have ever tried on (including Victoria's Secret). Plus Nordstrom has a fabulous return policy, so if you hate it, you can just take it back (unless they changed that, it has been a couple years since I have taken anything back there). I am sure I have more, but I will spare you :)

Kathrin Paul said...

I agree, Kristi, good sheets is the best ever. I buy my sheets at Kohls, and I think they are the luxor or something. . .but they are egyptian cotton and I don't remember the thread count. But, I do remember how much I love to lay in them. Especially when they are right out of the dryer and I've just shaved my legs.
One of my best purchases ever are my Reef sandals. Oh, how I love them. They are only $25 at I think Zumiez or Journeys and they are all I wore when I was in Europe last summer. I came home and bought another pair. . . not because they wore out, but because I wanted black and brown so I can wear them always.
One more thing: My PC Laptop. It was an outrageous price when I bought it ($2000) but my dad insisted (he should have paid, right?!) because of the awesome warranty, and I have had it now for 3 1/2 years and anytime I have an issue or need more hard drive or need a cleaning or anything, I take it in and they are so happy to see me. I think they are all hopped up on caffeine and video games, though, but still. Anyway. Remember how I'm typing on it right now while I'm watching the olympics? Good times. Sorry, Kris, I should have made my own post from this. Love ya!

Stephanie T said...

I'm totally with you on the nice sheets and bed. It is the most amazing and comforting thing to slip into an amazingly soft bed after a hard day of chasing kids. But unfortunately it makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning, so I have to make imaginary snow angels as I rub myself and hope that some of the luxury of my sheets will have made the dark circles under my eyes disappear before I get up.