Tuesday, March 17, 2009


A person like me goes through a lot of diapers.

So you can imagine that when I found out they were giving away diapers at walgreens, I was all over that.

Okay so they are not quite giving them away, but still, ten cents a diaper? Nothing to shake a stick at.

Go to www.walgreens.com

find the walgreen brand diapers

they are on sale 2 packages for $9

buy 12 packages

get free shipping

use coupon code CLOVER for an extra 17% off

and if you are a member of fatwallet.com go to Walgreens via fatwallet to get 4% cashback.

and wait for your boatload of diapers to come in.

(and also say a little prayer that they are decent diapers, otherwise it's going to be a miserable year of diaper wearing in the Bassett household)

Thank me later. Unless they are horrible diapers, in which case take advantage of the satisfaction guarantee.


Erin said...

I actually have been using the Walgreens diapers since last July when I got them and payed $1.50 out of pocket for every 3 packs of diapers that I bought. I stocked up and bought 20 bags and have been using them since then. I like them better than ANY generic brand of diapers and even like them better than huggies. Make sure when you order them or buy them in the future to get the ones that say "premium" on them. Those ones have more padding for absorbing everything and work better than the other ones.

Robin said...

Thanks, Erin! I haven't used these type before and just bought 12 packages - so it's reassuring to hear you've had success with them. A shout out to Kristi for publicizing the Deal of the Century!

Kristi said...

I wonder who Erin is...?

I ordered the non delux version, dang it!

Anonymous said...

Man they are all out of STOCK!!!!
I am always a day late.

Maxmomma said...


It was a treat to get your note on our blog! Thank you so much for your suggestion- we have been LOVING watching the family videos.

Your family is darling! I love the quotes on the side of your blog. How are you doing???

Sarah said...

I ended up buying them too! Thanks for the tip. They were limiting quantities to 2 per size so I ended up getting 12 packs of different sizes and styles (reg & prem) and even some pull-ups. I hope they get here soon.