Sunday, March 1, 2009

Might be dye-ing....

One of the things I look forward to the most after having a baby (besides the juice, oh yeah and NOT being pregnant anymore) is dying my hair. After Gwen I am pretty sure it was the first thing I did once we got home from the hospital. So, I have had my dye for a while now. A nice dark dark brown (despite what my mother and "hair thursdays" recommendations). And since my hair only holds color for like one week, I got some super duper dye made for people whose hair does not hold color well (smart I thought).

I noticed that this particular box of dye seemed particularly concerned about its users having an allergic reaction to the dye. I wasn't too concerned because most dyes have some box asking you to do an allergy test, which I have never done. Though it did seem weird that the entire back of the box was plastered with warnings, all of which went into much more detail than other boxes. Still though, I had used this brand of dye before just not this particular "super strength" kind. And also I am not allergic to anything I know of. So I wasn't too concerned.

Today was the day. I decided to bite the bullet and dye my hair. I applied the dye. Then as I was waiting I decided to read the pamphlet that the dye came with. These people were serious about being allergic to dye. The directions for use were about 1/10th of the page and the other 9/10ths informed you of all of the horrible things that could happen to you if you were allergic to it. Then I noticed in a box in the middle that was like "Even if you've used this brand of dye still do the allergy test" and "Even if you aren't allergic to anything ever still do the skin test"

And I started to panic.

It's like the freaking box was reading my mind and taking away all of my comfort about not doing the allergy test.

Then it listed all of the horrible things that could happen. Like did you know that your skin could become depigmented temporarily or PERMANENTLY. Uh.... and it didn't actually say it, but it kind of made me think I might die if I was allergic.

Then it said, if you start to feel any itching to rinse it out. Just then I felt like I had a thousand mosquito bites on my head. I couldn't stop itching. As I itched I read that it also might burn. Then my head felt like it caught on fire. By the time I got to the... "tightness in the chest and feeling like you might faint" I was in the shower rinsing the poison out of my hair.

I think it was all a hypochondriac reaction to the dye. But I won't know for 48 hours. So if I drop dead, please refer to my "25 words" post for further instruction...

(on the upside now my hair is a funky color, half dark, half natural, kind of fun-kay)


Shauna said...

Ooo OOOO! Post pictures! Post pictures!

Janssen said...

I'll say it again - I LOVE your hair color. You did a great job.

chelon:) said...

post a picture girl! i am sure it looks great! i wish i were brave enough to do my own! sure would save me a pretty penny! your hair color is always fun :)

Jessica said...

From the picture you posted with your girls, it looks great! Love it!