Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Holy Moses.

That was sooooome hailstorm

Too bad the one time it actually hails like this I had convinced myself to not be toooo paranoid and go out to cover the car with a blanket.

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Seth and Sierra said...

Wow! Those are HUGE!!

Robin said...

oh my hail!

Bart said...

My friend's car had two windows shattered. SHATTERED!

Glad we were in Austin, where we never even saw the hail (though it was all over our lawn when we got home. I wonder how the roof is . . .).

Shauna said...

Holy crap! I hope our roof is okay. Every time you post some weather event down there, I immediately wonder if our house sustained damage. I do NOT want to have to replace a roof on a house I don't even live in. Cool pictures, though!

julianne orth said...

wow that is scary!