Monday, March 23, 2009

Gmail just got ten times better!

Have you ever visited the "settings" link in your gmail? If not, do it, now!

Gmail has all sorts of features I never knew existed. For example, you can turn on a feature that lets you retract an email you just sent (only for a few seconds after you hit send though!)

You can set it so after a certain hour at night you have to answer three math problems before you can send the you don't accidentally tell your boss he's a jerk while you are wasted (or whatever, I can't really imagine not being able to answer simple math problems, but hey...)

Best of all you can create a task list that will sit in the corner and remind you of what a time waster you are - emailing your friends while you should be getting your oil changed and what not.

Also you can add your google calendar on the side so you can be reminded of appointments, etc.

You can hit a "take a break" button which will make it so you can't access your email for fifteen minutes. Good if you just are a mindless email checker, like myself.

Anyway. The good folks at google never disappoint me. Unless their map program takes me to the middle of nowhere instead of to the work party at the local ice skating rink. But that was just the one time....


Joe(y) Speredon said...

My favorite Google feature is the desktop toolbar. It has a lot of the same applications you mention plus several other. To-do lists, news updates, calendars, weather, radio.... and so on. It's very cool.

Jennifer said...

I love that you can text message people from your email. I don't have texting on my phone so I like not needing to spend 10 cents if I need to send one to someone. I is awesome!

Blaine said...

I like Google alright although I've never gotten into Gmail. I'm with you though on the directions on google maps--not too reliable. I've been burned on several occasions when I've trusted them. I still use google maps though; I just figure out the directions myself by using a combination of the maps, satellite pictures, and street level views. You can basically go somewhere virtually before you go there for real. Which is a very cool feature.