Friday, March 6, 2009

Somebody call IXII

It's never fun to pull up to your house after a rare date with your husband to find an ambulance parked in front. You would think I would be used to it. It happens most times that we go out. Or a lot of times when just I go out and leave Blaine home with the kids. We pull into the street to find an ambulance parked right in front of our house. My heart skips a few beats, and I nearly die from anxiety. Then my heart slows as it sinks in and I remember that I live next door to two EMTs and they often park their ambulance out in front. Still though, the shock of seeing an ambulance in front of your house is nearly enough to kill you.

Luckily though, I learned yesterday, that there are lots of perks to living next door to people who could save your life at a moments notice. Gwen and I came inside from playing out front and she immediately ran to the back door to go out back. I wasn't looking, but I heard some hysterical screaming moments later. I figured she just smashed her finger, it happens. But she came running up to me with blood literally GUSHING out of her finger.... and I froze. No, no, I didn't freeze. I was concentrating very very hard on not vomiting.

Have I told you I have been considering going to nursing school? Yeah....scratch that.

I was a little horrified at my reaction. We haven't had to deal with much blood in this household. A scrape or so here and there, but no gushing. I mean, it's like Gwen has an artery in her finger or something. Blood all over the floor, in the sink, on me...

Getting nauseous again

So, being the adult I am, I went running to the EMTs. Because really, a mother shouldn't have to bandage the gaping wounds of her own child.

Once I got there the cut looked kind of like any other cut and not the quagmire of flesh and blood that it had been over at my house. And I felt a little stupid. I don't want to play the "EMT please save me!" card for false emergencies. I need to save up my reserve for head gashes, cardiac arrest and scorpion stings....and mostly for Bentley.

She was really nice about it and sent us back home and told us both to eat some ice cream and take it easy.

All I can say is that I need to pray that Bentley turns out to be a very very careful little boy, because this whole cleaning up blood thing isn't working.

(BONUS POINTS: if you can name the movie that my title is from)


Janssen said...

I love that movie. A lot.

Glad you live next door to an EMT. I would like that too.

Shauna said...

Hercules! I win! Sorry about the blood. Did you eat the ice cream?

Melissa Ash said...

Oh, man!! I was going to say Hercules, too! But Shauna beat me to it!!!

Bart said...

I tend to freak out a bit at serious bleeds (not just because I don't want blood everywhere) too. And I was a lifeguard and a pre-med student for awhile. Ha!

Love Hercules.