Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grown up Christmas list

If Christmas were tomorrow on my list would be...

* Meat thermometer (cooking my first real chicken a couple of weeks ago was so traumatic because I thought I was poisoning my family)

* One of those combs where on one end is a pointy metal thing with which to part your hair (My MIL who just visited had one of those and I snuck in to use it daily and was quite happy with my straight part; and by straight I mean that the zigzag part I did had straight zigs and zags)

* A rake. Apparently if you are going to dig your own garden bed, and garden in general, you need things like rakes and shovels. Not just steak knives.

* For that matter, I need all things with which to garden. You know, gloves, a hose (which has not been eaten by dogs), those kind of things.

* A difusser. You know those things you put on your blowdryer that make your hair curlier than it is? I think that would help the mess that is my hair. I am on my way to life dream #5...which is to ride a horse on the beach at sunset with my long curly hair flowing in the wind. At least it is to my shoulders, hasn't been that long in a while. Now I just need a horse, a beach and a sunset, and a couple more inches of hair, and a long flowy white dress or something.

* Isn't this a depressing Christmas in March list?

Random thoughts, but gotta go for now...we are taking a field trip of a farm (hey, most of the things on my list could be commandeered from a farm, horse included!).

We've got a fun and busy week planned, it's spring break and all of our friends are free to play. Woohoo!

Oh and also; I find it strangely inspiring and depressing how functional my mother-in-law can be. Doing three loads of laundry takes me ....mmmm...about three days, four if you coun't putting it away. She did three loads yesterday in like an hour and a half; and that was after a full day of hiking around Austin. Good Heaven's. Then today she left at six in the AM and had her air mattress all put away and the blankets folded. While she was here she did several projects that I have been meaning to get to for about two years....ie fixing Gwen's drapes which fell down on like the second day that we lived here....organizing under Gwen's bathroom sink.

Anyway, I always feel inspired to be more functional after she leaves. And it usually works for like a week or something, so that will be good ; ).


Janssen said...

We DO own a rake and can bring it tomorrow.

JoAnna said...

Your MIL is so welcome to come visit me next!!
And don't you sometimes wish you could go back to renting?? I sure do!

julianne orth said...

I have finally figured out how to manage my semi-curly hair, I use the cheap LA Looks gel and I brush out my hair wet, put that in and use a diffuser, I make sure that it is completely dry before I stop blow drying too. I wear my hair for like 4 days like that too. I just get it wet with a spray bottle and then add a little more gel and blow dry, it goes really curly now and I like it. great list though... I got a vacuum last year for my birthday and I couldn't have been happier.

Ralphie said...

I have a difusser. You may have it. In exchange for something small, precious, and smelling of baby lotion.

But really. You can have the difusser.

Wendy said...

I miss you guys so much it hurts! I need to hold Ivy right now! Do not trade her for a difusser!!

Susie said...

Hmm.m.m.m. my guess is that she did all that while you were taking care of the children. . . sometimes childcare doesn't feel like an accomplishment. It's not as easy to see as fixed drapes or organized cupboards, but the whole world is grateful to you for doing such a good job at it!