Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TTST - Tip the scale Tuesday!

This blog post contains full disclosure. You've been warned.

I cruised through highschool weighing about 98 lbs. That was pretty small, but not as small as it sounds for someone of my stature. I'm not sure how I managed weighing less than 250lbs when I reflect back on my diet of 1 pkg Little Debbie nutty bars 1pkg Cool Ranch Doritos and 1 Dr. pepper for lunch every day. Not to mention that at our house oreos were always in stock and there were no limits on ice cream consumption and such.

I am about 5' feet tall, 5'1" on a good day. According to www.weightwatchers.com a healthy weight range for someone that is 5' tall is 102-128lbs. After I got married I was about 105, then right before I got pregnant with Gwen I was a whopping 110lbs.

During my pregnancy with Gwen. I gained about 55lbs. Two and a half years after she was born I was tipping the scales at 129 lbs (technically overweight). Blaine had a big to lose too weighing in at about 40 lbs higher than his recommended weight for his height.

Blaine and I were quite discouraged about our weight so we joined weight watchers for a five week trial program.

I hope he isn't upset that I share that, because he made amazing progress with weight watchers! He was shedding pounds like crazy! So much so that they had to tell him to stop losing weight so fast. I think he lost about 35 lbs during those five weeks, and I lost about 13lbs. Just when I was feeling comfortable with my body again...we found out Bentley was coming!

Keeping up with tradition I gained about 50-55 lbs while I was pregnant with Bentley (give me a break, have you seen the kids head? That thing alone weighed a ton ; ).

To my complete amazement and happiness, my baby weight with Bentley practically melted off. Every time I stepped on the scale I was 5 lbs lighter, it was a great feeling! The kid had a ferocious appetite plus Ralphie was hauling me to the gym three times a week. Within about four months I was back to not just my pre Bentley weight, but my pre Gwen weight. I was thrilled.

And then the next day I found out I was pregnant, again.

What a weight rollercoaster.

Gained 50 lbs while pregnant with Ivy.

And I think this weight loss journey is following closer to the tracks of how it went when I had Gwen, unfortunately, and not the magical weight loss that happened after Bentley.

After Ivy was born I lost 20 lbs in one week. Not bad! If I were a normal person who only gains 20 lbs in a pregnancy I would have been back to normal. Unfortunately, that left me with 30 lbs to lose, and I haven't lost a one since that first week. Not one single pound.

Not sure what's going on there. Hardly seems fair.

So. . . not like you care, but I am going to update you on my weight loss progress. We'll call it "Muffin Top Mondays" or something. I know, today is Tuesday, whatever...this week it is "Tipping the scale Tuesday".

This week I set a goal to go to the gym three times a week, and only eat two sweets per week. I am one day down and I'm doing great so far. Anyway, just thought I would let you know.

So, let the race begin, and in the interest of full disclosure....and since if you really cared you could do all the math by yourself from the numbers I have already given you.... the scale at the gym yesterday said 138. I am hoping to get back to 110.

So let the journey begin and tune in next Monday for additional goals I will be adding and my weigh in. Geez, it's like weight watchers all over again, but for free this time!


Tom and Tami said...

You are very daring to leave such personal info out there for all to see. Good luck with loosing the weight. You know they say, it takes nine months to put it on and nine months to take it off.
I love reading your blog, but I feel like you are so popular that sometimes I'm intimidated to leave a post. I feel like I'm related to someone famous. Kristi, ya I know her.

Kristi said...

I know at first it seemed weird, but then I thought...well duh, everyone can see what I look like, it doesn't really matter what the numbers are : ) Plus, I want to log it anyways to see if what I am doing is working, and I feel more accountable if I have to share the real numbers rather than just say "I did really good this week" or "Oh dang, didn't go so hot". Or whatever. The important thing is feeling good about your body, which I don't right now, but like you said...it took nine months to put it all on!

You're sweet, I love comments on my blog! When I don't get any, I stop writing! Lame I know, but it's my motivation to write, so please comment away!

Kristi said...
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Bart said...

You can do it. Or, more appropriate to my financial statement analysis project, Just Do It (can you guess what company I'm analyzing?).

Corbett Family said...

I'll be there with you in a month or so. I always gain at least 40 lbs with each pregnancy and it has never melted off. It has taken working out and Weight Watchers every single time to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, then I promptly am pregnant again. Plus, nursing seems to make me retain weight, not lose it. Good luck. I'll be looking to you for inspiration soon!

Alison Kloft said...

I have been lucky to not gain weight when i am pregnant(if throwing up is considered lucky) the most i have ever gained is 15 pounds with Eleanor. After my 2nd i was able to lose all 11 pounds i gained with grace and then some that i had never lost after eddie. After the 3rd though, I have been working hard to loose weight.

What is really funny to me is 138 is like my ideal weight, although i would be THRILLED to be in the 150's!!! I guess being 8 inches taller than you factors into all that!

Janssen said...

Woot about the desserts! We'll come over and have carrot sticks instead of brownies now :)

See you tomorrow!

Julie Allen said...

You can do it Kristi! I am still not at my pre-pregnancy weight, and it is frustrating. I finally got tired of it and just started eating healthier just a couple of weeks ago. I wish you luck:)

TheMoncurs said...

You can do it! Especially since you got back to pre-Gwen weight after Bentley, you know your body is totally capable. Go Kristi!

Blaine said...

I wish I had lost 35 pounds, but, alas, it wasn't quite that much (more like 25 over 3 months). Nor do I remember anyone saying that I was losing it too fast (I think they just said I needed more calories for how much I was exercising so maybe that's what you're thinking of). Anyway, weight loss is never easy, I think I'm just accepting that as a fact of life. Yeah the pounds did come off quickly for me that time, but not easily. I learned that starting with a horrible diet and going into a strict weight loss program at the same time as beginning to train for a marathon is a great combination if you want to lose lots of weight really fast. :) Unfortunately, I'm in no position to repeat that now since I'm already eating healthy and running and still am 20 pounds over my ideal weight :(

Kristi said...

He's being modest...they did tell him that his weight was coming off to fast. I was there, and I distinctly remember because that week I only lost about .0000001 lbs. Men, sheesh : )

Anonymous said...

Amen to the weight woes. Hey--Weight Woe Wednesday! How about Thunder-Thigh Thursday! And here's to Feelin' Fat Friday! (But my favorite is still muffin-top Monday)

I got a new driver's license yesterday, and it was the first time I have ever deliberately lied about my weight. Not that I care that much about the numbers--like you said, the way your body looks is pretty out in the open, but my excuse was that I am not planning on being 20 lbs overweight for the next 5 years.

My solution is this: only weigh yourself like once a month, then you are bound to drop a pound or two each time!! . . . No, seriously, that is really what I do.

McCulloch Family said...

I laughed in the first part of this posting because I, too, remember eating total crap and being rail thin... maybe I should do that now and see what happens. My typical lunches at school were 3 rolls with butter, a snickers and a dr pepper... healthy was my middle name (as you can see) :) but... I weighed 98 lbs and was 5'4" so maybe there is something to that??????!!

And Blaine... as I drove to Sonic...again... for a drink... again... I saw you all the way over at HEB running and pushing the jogging stroller! You are a machine!!!

Angela, I don't know where you live but when I lived in California for a bit, having grown up in Texas, I was in TOTAL SHOCK when they asked how much I weighed - my response was "What do you mean by that???!!!" :) In Texas, your weight is not on your DL... it was one thing we put on the "pro" list about the choice to move back here :) Not even kidding.

Karina said...

Way to go, Kristi. Totally jealous. I wish I were right in the thick (or thin) of it with you right now!

But...Come What May and Love It, right? Thanks, Elder Wirthlin :)

Aimee said...

There is a distinct difference in how men can lose weight vs. women. Matt was 60 pounds overweight several years ago. All he had to do was cut back on his portion sizes and cut out the donuts. The pounds melted off. It's not that easy for women. You're doing great!!

Kristina said...

I've seen your pictures on facebook and you certainly don't look overweight at all! I know that might not change how you feel, but just so you know, you look great!

Hey, and I read a few posts back that you're looking for a place to vacation. If you end up seeing Jed in Kentucky, we only live about 3-4 hours away in exciting Muncie, Indiana. :) And if you don't think it's all that exciting, it's at least another free place to stay. :) Or, if you happen to chose Kentucky as your vacation of choice, but can't make it up into Indiana to teach your children about corn, let us know because I'd love to come down and visit with you guys.

Ralphie said...

Here we go baby. Ride that pony!

{can I say that on your blog?}

{are ponies permitted?}

{are you the proprietor?}

Rochelle said...

You can do it. I love WW, I joined last time. I became a life time member about 3 days before I found out I was pregnant, so now I can go back for free for a year next time. I always loose the weight the month I get pregnant, it doesn't matter how big or small the break is between kids. Now this time with twins, my 50 pound weight gain might be justified, I am just hoping that it is not 70.... Too bad we can't all just be like Julianne.... One day that girl will gain weight:)