Sunday, March 15, 2009

What's in a name?

I spend most of my time during the winter bragging to family and friends about how nice the weather is here and how they should come visit. The weather here had been spectacular for about three months straight.

As fate would have it Blaine's mom flew into town on Tuesday night, and Wednesday morning we woke up to freezing cold rainy weather...and it has been rainy and cold for the entirety of her stay. The day she leaves it is supposed to warm up to 75 dgs.


Anyway we've had a great time with her being here. We were talking last night about my friends and she pointed out that my friends


all have really interesting names. It's true. And here I am with the generic 80s girl name...Kristi. It's okay, I like my name just fine. In fact I recall my friend Stef one time told me how lucky I was because I had TWO baby sitters club names (my middle name is Dawn and two of the main characters in the Babysitters Club books were Kristy and Dawn). I remember at the start of many a school year trying to convince everyone that I was going to go by Dawn that year. Never worked.

My mom says she almost named me Carrie, and I used to wish so badly that she had. But now? Gag me. (Sorry if your name is Carrie, I just can't see myself being named that).

Anyway, I am happy with my name, happier still that it is spelled the way it is.

I hope my children will all really like their names. I like them!

And thank heavens I didn't get to name my children when I was 14 because back then I wanted to name them River and hippie stuff like that (again, kudos to you if you are cool enough to name your kids things like that, because I still think it is cute, but I am not cool enought to pull off having a kid named River....)

My apologies for the blog hiatus, we have family in town and have been busy doing fun things! (none of the fun things that I had planned because all of those involved being outside, but fun things nonetheless).


Robin said...

What was the name of the babysitter club person who's favorite colors were black and red? Claudia or something. She was so totally cool.

Janae said...

Wow, Kristy and Dawn? I really am jealous. We have a River in our ward. She is adorable, with curly out of control hair.

Sarah said...

I always liked Rain/Rayne and Sierra. Not brave enough to name them River or Rainbow :) Yeah your kids names are totally cute!