Monday, January 19, 2009

Back to the Future

This may sound like kind of a complaining post but I swear it is NOT. Really it is a grateful post. So buckle up, you have to hear the complaining part first : )

I was thinking last night about how pregnancy is a lot like being old. Work with me here. My major complaints in the last month or so are

*Seriously sharp shooting back pains when I try to get out of bed
* I have to take a hot bath before anything else or I seriously cannot tolerate the back pain long enough to walk into a different room.
*Hard time with stairs
* Numbness in my hands when I sleep (what the? This is a new one)
* I have a weird ligament issue that sometimes causes my leg to just give out. Which is particularly scary when I am holding Bentley and / or walking down the stairs
* I have to visit the restroom at least once an hour, even at night
* Heartburn; really really bad heartburn
* Extreme crabbiness

Okay, so basically I just sound like an old person right? Right.

I have been banking on all of these ailments going away but last night I was thinking about what would happen if they don't. Ahhhhhh! My life would be so miserable forever. Every step hurts. Can you imagine that for the rest of your life? I can't. Well, let's say I can and I don't like the idea. At all.

And I think it must be sad to get older and get more frequent aches and pains that limit your activity like this. So I am trying to figure out what I can do to keep myself, and mostly my joints, as young and limber as they can be.

This was a really long weird post that pretty much is just trying to say that I am thinking about taking up Yoga. What do you think? Could it be the solution to all of my future aches and pains?

And also to say that I am so grateful that pregnancy is temporary! That I have a chance to get back to pain free. That I have visited the future potential aches and pains and don't like what I see so I can now dedicate myself to being healthy and limber and happy.

The end.


JoAnna said...

I get it and great thoughts! Thanks. I totally think yoga is a good idea. That and/or weight lifting.

Vee said...

Fiddle how far along are you? I've always been told not to start something in the third trimester if I haven't already been consistently doing it before. But I also think they might have Yoga for expecting mothers. So just be sure to do your research and ask your doc. I admire you so much. And it is nice to know it's just temporary for now anyway right.

Kristi said...

Oh no worries there. I can barely walk let alone start yoga right now. I am just talking in like seven weeks : )

Angela said...

Seriously. These last few weeks are utter cruelty. I hear you on the weird ailments. I believe the comment "I feel like I'm 75!" escaped my lips this very morning. And how about that peachy 10 minutes every morning standing in front of the closet deciding which torture device to wear that day? Am I right? It's like, would I rather wear the pants that slice the abdomen in half, the ones that fall down every time I stand up, sit down, or bend over, or the shirt that makes me look like the blueberry girl on Charlie and the Chocolate factory? Mornings seem to have the highest concentration of difficulties, that's for sure. But hey, at least for you, 10 more days, max. Sweeet.

Emily said...

Don't clench your hands when you sleep. I do that when I'm pregnant and that's why they're numb. Have blaine massage them right before you go to sleep and every hour after you go to the bathroom.

Vee said...

In 7 weeks. I totally support you.
I hope your kids and hubby get feeling better. It would be nice to have them healthy before you go into labor right? I'll pray for you.