Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here's your sign

So a couple of days ago I was discussing with a friend, a friend who has a boys name but is a girl and also is a really good photographer, the pros and cons of cloth diapering. I know, pick up your jaw! I am not like hopping over the fence into granola-land or anything just yet, still comfortably straddling the line, bridging the gap between granolas and anti-granolas. So, settle down. See that is one fear that if I start doing cloth diapers everyones going to assume that I am going to start making my own clothing out of wheat grass and holding hands with strangers in the park while singing kum-by-ah. Yeah, NO.

The thing is, over the three year span of your child wearing diapers you could save like two thousand dollars. And when you have two in diapers, that is like FOUR thousand diapers, which is like four thousand frostys. So really, there's something. And not only that but my inner recycler can't help but notice that all those diapers my kids are producing every year probably fill up an entire landfill by themselves. One giant non decomposing landfill.

And it's not like I will be using diaper pins and memorizing boy scout knot tying tricks to make the diapers. Cloth diapering today is trendy, hip, and easier. The diapers have snaps and buttons and come with cute covers that hip mothers everywhere are jealous of.

So I was mulling it over and trying to decide if I was ready to take the plunge (the thing about getting started is you spend all of the money up front, not over the span of three years), and then Bentley had like the biggest poopy diaper I have ever seen. And it happened while he was asleep, so he like rolled in it. It was all over his whole body and bed and EWWW. I was so glad I could just throw that bad boy away. I thought he probably pooped himself out for the next month...it was that gross. But then three hours later? Same thing. Next morning? Same thing. The kid turned into a pooping machine and I am kind of thinking it might be an omen to ward me off from cloth diapering.

So I've put that little spark of an idea on the back burner for now. It's not fair to think about cloth diapering while your kid has the big D. So I will think about it later. In the mean time I have sheets to wash and children to hose down. Ew.


Gretchen said...

My father-in-law always says disposable diapers are like matches. You can do it the old way, but once you've tried them, no one wants to go back.

Also, how much are you paying for your diapers that they cost as much as a frosty? Are they gold plated diapers? Do they change themselves? Or maybe a better question is where are you buying Frosties for 20 cents?!?!?

Kristi said...

You haven't heard of the 5/$1.00 frosty deal? It's funny because they don't advertise it, you have to just demand it and act all irate, but if you are persistent enough they'll give them to you. Twenty cents a piece. Go for it Gretchen!

Jennifer said...

Cloth diapering is so great! Seriously, even with the big "D". My favorite thing is that you don't get blow outs except maybe on a rare occasion. The diapers just fit better and keep it in better. I never had a problem with Sofi. You could try doing cloth for the first 6 months while the baby is being bf because it seriously is not a big deal then. Just throw the poopy diaper in the wash. And I promise that you wouldn't have to go to the park and sing Kumbaya, I never did.

Laurie said...

I've seriously considered it myself. My friend's baby had super bad diaper rash with disposable diapers (such that she was crying constantly and never sleeping), so she switched to cloth and loved it! Once you make the investment, you're good to go.
Also, in the emergency preparedness aspect of life, cloth are better. I always think to myself, "I'd love to store 3 months worth of huggies, but a)who has the space? and b)who knows if that size will even fit my kid when the Big One strikes?
so why haven't I made the switch already?

Anonymous said...


I must say if you do decide to try it, get the sweet, expensive ones that are like $20 a diaper. I tried it with a cheaper variety, and it was a failure. The kids' pants did not even fit on them, and they couldn't bend at the waist when they were wearing them. I have one diaper called Fuzzibunz, however, that is really nice. I might have succeeded if I'd gotten all that kind. You could always just buy one and try it out before you invest in more than that.

Anonymous said...

Is use bummis with velcro with a double gusset that is what is important and I use a rice paper liner so you don't have to deal with poop. Also though when the big D hits I usually switch to disposibles and I also have not been brave enough to do cloth through the night but I am getting there, maybe now with baby #3 i will be more adventurous. The best part is I never have to run to town 45 min away just to get diapers. I tried to find your number to give you a call for a pep talk on this but I can't find it. You should email me it!