Thursday, January 29, 2009


Steps up to mike *clears throat*

It's three AM and I'm writing cuz I'm still awake
because at four I am going to take
a drive to the hospital
to-day's the day of induction

Dreamt all night of long needles pushed straight into my back
and of all the sleep I know I will lack
but a cute baby
surely it all will be worth it

Just breathe (he he hoooo, he he hooo)
Just breathe

Um, okay that didn't work. Mostly because I only know the first little part of the song.

So, surprise! Today's the induction date and by the time you are reading this (thank you blogger for letting me prewrite today's post and make it not post until this afternoon!) I will hopefully be 10 lbs lighter and have a cute baby in my arms.

Last night as we collapsed into bed after running the kids around to their various babysitter destinations I took a big sigh.

Blaine looked at me and said, "you know we aren't going to be able to sleep at all tonight, right?"
And I was like, "speak for yourself, I am so tired and this is very well my last chance to sleep. Ever."

Honestly. He probably didn't even hear my sentence. That all happened at midnight.

I closed my eyes and saw every girl name in the history of the world flash before my eyes. Agh.
Turn over, shuffle. Close my eyes again "boy don't try the front, I know jus jus what you are" plays over and over in my head (what is that song? sheesh. I am only in the car like once a day but somehow I always hear it). After all I can take of that, I heave and ho and roll over and try to picture the baby once she is born...instead all I see is Dr. Gregory House coming at me with a needle as tall as I am....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So I figure it's probably about time to get up. Nope 12:41AM.

There's nothing like trying to sleep on the night before you know your whole world is going to change. I daresay it is even harder than just trying to sleep with pregnancy aches and pains, which is saying something.

Anyway, here's hoping I've already posted good news on the blog today. I don't want to spoil the fun for those who I was able to keep the secret from (which is like, my family, who is uncontactable in Panama...but hey, that's a start!). I was tempted to hire Jeannie to update my facebook status periodically today with things like "Kristi is...making beautiful art projects with the children" but then I realized everyone would see straight through that, I'd be better off having her put "Kristi just ate a whole sleeve of oreo cookies in less than two minutes--boo-yeah!"

So two things to note

* I came up with the best name yesterday but Blaine gave it a giant thumbs down, and then upon google-ing the name I found out that most people in the country gave it a giant thumbs down too (apparently there is a certain celebrity couple who also really like this name--no it's not Phinneus, or Apple). I'll tell you what it is later.

* Okay, remember how all of the special events in mine and Blaine's life are double booked? Our anniversary is on valentines, first kiss on my birthday, etc? I was stressed about January 29, 2009 because...well, there's no match up. But then I realized it is 1-29-9 and I realized my birthday is 12-9-81. So see her birthday will be 1-29 and mine is 12-9 (same numbers, same order, different dash place) and the year '81 if you split it up 8+1 = 9, just like how she is born in 09. So really, it's like we have the same birthday, in some weird yet pleasing, way. Shush, it made me feel better.

If I die you can all fight over my awesome wardrobe. (I think I really have a deep seated fear of death by childbirth and my way of overcoming that is humor).

See you on the flip side!


Wendy said...

You are a clever one to post ahead. I'm sorry you couldn't sleep on your last night of a full night's sleep. Hopefully you will get to sleep in the hospital.

We are sooooo excited the baby is here safe and sound and that all went well. We are so happy for you.

So is Nalic a name? Or is it another word that I don't know? (like oober - you used it in your last two blogs. I must really be out of it because at first I thought it was a typo.) What does it all mean???

Congratulations on #3!!!!!!

Marcie said...

COngrats Fids! I can't wait to find out the name you chose!

TheMoncurs said...

Woo congrats! Can't wait to see pictures!

Megan Kroff said...

Yippee! Great News! Hope all is well and I can't wait to see pictures and of course here stories.

McCulloch Family said...

Funny you should mention Apple! I didn't read this posting until just now hehe - Congrats my friend!

Kristina said...

Kristy and Blaine, I hope everything went well (and judging by Blaine's mom's post, it did!). Good luck with everything and I wish you the best with the new little one (and the other two not as little ones). :)


Janssen said...

You know I'm dying ot hear the name now! And hey, unless you died after three thirty this afternoon, you made it through!

Susie said...

Dear Kristi,
I am so glad that your baby is safely delivered and that you are alive! Congratulations and best wishes!
Much love,

Seth and Sierra said...

What a great idea to pre-write!
I hope all is well!

Bret said...

We love you and new little baby Bassett. Thanks for sharing your pre-baby feelings. Get some rest...if you can!