Thursday, January 22, 2009

Letting myself go

In light of the events of the last few days...I stayed in my PJs today and made my only goal survival.

So just now I heard a splat on the floor. I looked down and it was a hunk of meat from my sloppy joe I had for dinner. I then noticed the large red sloppy joe stain on my (er...Blaine's) shirt. And while looking at the sloppy joe stain also noticed a few pieces of Smacks cereal. From breakfast.

Talk about taking a day off.


Julie Allen said...

Oh Kristi! You are so funny! I remember always having food on my shirt when I was pregnant.

Vee said...

You need days like that. Especially after going through all that sickness. YUCK!

marisa said...

I love the visual I got in my mind of the scene! I'm laughing.

Anonymous said...

So I have days like that all the time pregnant or not! MMMMM sloppy joes :)