Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well, turns out I was dilated to a 3, so that is saying something. And I have an induction date set, but since we keep hardly any surprises we are kind of keeping the date a secret, or on a "need to know" basis. We kind of want to have the thrill of calling you all from the hospital and you all acting surprised. Though nearly everyone in Texas is on the "need to know" list, since "need to know" = "might be able to help". So...stay tuned. We'll have a baby before the month is out.

Hey should come stay at hotel Bassett! It's only a fourteen hour drive, we could reimburse your gas....give you plenty of fodder for taking pictures and building that already impressive portfolio, plus you could have the pleasure of meeting the baby before any of its Grandparents....whatdya say?? : )


Liz Applegate said...

I would love to, however, Jill talked me into flying for the wedding so I just can't see driving 14 hours one way, turning around driving another 14 hours and then flying back to the same general state.

Another idea, you bring the 3 kids down for the wedding and I will shoot away. I think that's a great idea! Don't you want family around -- since you have been so totally abandoned by those heartless grandparents (just kidding Momma B and Momma G -- I know you would be there if you could!). Whadda ya say?! We could get you a hotel room right next to us... Rosey went to a family reunion at 1 week old. Baby Elizabeth will be well past that age....

Stefanie Miller said...

Elizabeth?! I didn't know you were naming her Elizabeth?! Thanks for mentioning it. =) You're just so awesome, Kris. I wish I could be there and hang out with you while you wait for your baby to come. Fortunately I am able to hang out with Ang while she waits for her baby to come. But you are on my mind lots and I am so inspired by your humor and positive attitude towards life, even in this situation! You are amazing.