Sunday, January 11, 2009

Everything is Miscellaneous

A couple of things.....first of all who is excited for LOST? Of course I recommend getting season one and starting from the beginning but for those of you who have time constraints here is a pretty good summary to get you up to date ; )

Secondly, did I tell you that I only have one dog now? An awesome friend watched both dogs over our Christmas break and as a reward their family got to choose a dog to keep (shhhh...don't tell her that that is a lousy reward ; ) . It really has lowered the stress level in the house and we miss Boots a lot, but life with just Swiper is pretty sweet. His personality has changed a little in Boots' absence. For one he likes being around us more. For two he hasn't tried to escape. And for three...he gets real lonely and sad at night. We hear Boots is happy and has a little friend who plays with him all day and he even gets to sleep in his friends bed. I bet he couldn't be happier!

Thirdly. Sheesh can I just have the baby already? Holy Moses pregnancies last forever.

Fourth. I just made an entire batch of chocolate chip cookies, because I want ONE.

Fifth. I am having Gwen drama. She totally still needs naps and totally won't take them and then she won't go to bed and the only words out of her mouth are, "no no no no no no no" and the occasional insult [ "Why aren't you angry at anyone yet today" comes to mind]. It's stressing me out. Do they have parent/child counselors? I sat down to talk to her about it the other day and her solution to our issues was that maybe "Daddy could stay home and in charge us". I've always thought he would be a great stay at home parent..... : )

Sixthly: Today after church Blaine and I were standing in a classroom talking to some people. Well, I was talking to some people and Blaine was waiting patiently by the door...when someone in our ward walked by, looked right at Blaine and said, "I really like your hair, it is SO CUTE!". And then I laughed for twenty minutes. Blaine really does have cute hair (and we found out after like ten minutes of analyzation that she was talking to a YW also in the room.) Anyway it was hilarious. And for those who are curious it was our bishops wife, who I adore, and who made my day by making me think someone told Blaine his hair was "so cute".

Seventhly: I had a great Christmas. Sometimes you get gifts that make you think, "hmmm...does my husband know me at all?" Like the time I got three stepping stools on one birthday, all from the same husband. But then there are Christmasses like this where he scored big! I got a soft white robe, diaper bag, perfume, and beef jerky. It was awesome!

Mmmmm....the end. Castor oil anyone?


Anonymous said...

Oooh, don't do castor oil. Tried it with Beth. That is some excruciating bodily functioning (sorry, probably TMI. Just don't try to conjecture any mental pictures please). It didn't even work, and if it had I would have been sorry to have been dealing with that AND labor.


On a less unsettling note, nice find at goodwill. Seriously.

Jamee said...

Hilarious! Blaine did look at me kinda funny when I was talking PAST him to Amy! SHE is the one with the really cute hair. I'm kind of embarrassed now--I had no idea that he thought I was talking to him! Glad you figured it out! But I just got a good laugh and it sounds like you did too. :) I'll have to take a closer look at his hair next time I see him and see if he is worthy of a comment of his own :)

Kristi said...

We knew it wasn't likely you were talking to him, but we both thought you were looking right at him, it was so so funny. Don't be embarrassed : ) It seriously made my day!

Blaine said...

Oooh :( I was still secretly hoping Jamee really was complimenting me but I guess this confirms that wasn't the case. Just kidding, I was pretty sure all along it wasn't directed at me for several reasons, not the least of which that my long, in-need-of-a-haircut do is nowhere near compliment-worthy at the moment.

Thanks for the laugh though! :)

Anonymous said...

When are you due? I hear evening primrose oil works. That doesn't cause any bodily functions to happen other than labor. The other thing is Rasberry tea. Not celestial Seasons but really rasberry leaf tea (health food stores). Good luck that baby will be here before you know it.

Joe Speredon said...

Swiper is clearly better than Boots. He just causes trouble for Dora. Who'd want to be named after shoes anyway?

Lost is gonna be awesome!

Kristi, you're a short person. I think three step stools is a great gift as you may need them in more than one room of the house. Good on ya Blaine.

P.S. I always thought Blaine had cute hair too. It just sounds a litte fruity if I say it. :)

McCulloch Family said...

1... ME!!!! I'M EXCITED!!Don't miss THIS Thursday either, recap show!
2... :)
3... They do last forever. Anyone that says that they loves them is totally lying.
4... And THIS is exactly why we are friends :)
5.... Katelynne stopped taking naps the DAY I brought Trevor home from the hospital. I thought I was going to die. I still wish she took naps and it's been 6.5 years. Also - the drama is just getting started. (Sorry to be all negative like J**) :)
7... I have a cute graphic I'm going to email you that is hilarious and sums this up perfectly. This year was great for me but typically comments from me go something like "REALLY??? WICKER. WICKER OFFICE SUPPLY HOLDERS? SERIOUSLY???" (not kidding).... *sigh*

Stephanie T said...

Thanks for the reminder on Lost. My DVD recorder had to be totally shut down and I lost all my timers a month ago. And thanks to you I just set up a timer for Lost again. I would have died if I missed the opener for the season.

My kids not taking naps is totally unacceptable because I really like them and I want them to live.

Whenever it got to that time where they fought me about it I ended up just moving them into my room for naps. It worked out amazingly well. My room is painted darker and I have dark, thick drapes because I hate even the faintest moonlight shining into my room.
Which makes it perfect for napping during the day.

We would all pile into bed read a book or two, make a silly phone call to Daddy (my kids like to throw in the fact they like Dad better too, but honestly I think they only say that from a place of love, at least they say it knowing I have unconditional love, even if they don't:-) And then they would crash for like 3 hours. It's totally awesome.

Anyways, the fighting naps would last for like 6 weeks but then they would learn they will still be taking naps and I could either have them do it in their room or my room after that. But the 6 weeks with me wasn't so bad either because who doesn't like a nap, right?

And they will still take naps when they are home on vaction or on Sundays even at the ages of nearly 10 and 8.5 It's totally fabulous!