Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Seriously so blessed!

No, but seriously, I am so blessed!

It's kind of a scary thing birthing a child and living so far away from family. It's actually quite scary. I have been so lucky to have great friends who have helped me through, and today I feel particularly grateful for

*Betsy, who was able to take kids last minute while I went to the doctor (still at a three...). It was oober early in the morning and she has lots of her own kids, but she was totally willing to help. Then she told me to plan on her bringing dinner on Wednesday. Awesome! Plus she provided some much needed "listen to Kristi vent"ness. Thanks Betsy!

* When I got home from the doctors there was the biggest pile of diapers I have ever seen sitting on my front porch! There was a card and several people from my ward (pre-ward split!) had all gone in and gotten me a mountain of diapers. What a blessing. Seriously. I felt so loved and cared for and it honestly just made my day! Thank you Robin, Chelon, Jeannie, Kim, Jody, Jamee, Stacy, Jamie, Becca and Tammy. That was the best surprise ever! Oh and they also brought a headband with cute flowers to put on it and a bracelet. Thank you!

* Ralphie and Meleah showed up just as I was having my emotional breakdown of gratitude for Betsy and diapers and spent time cleaning my floors, and stove, and helping fold laundry (you know...all the things I've been begging Blaine to help me with ; ) ). I thought that was the nicest thing ever. Ever. Thank you!

* I e-mailed the incredible Shauna Jones (don't know why I always feel like I must add her last name!) a day or two ago asking if she could make some bows for the baby, since my bow making days are way over. I was thinking like a little tiny bow to glue on the babies head. Anyway, she sent me pictures of the bows she is sending and they are like....amazing. Seriously. I am so grateful to have crafty friends!

* A huge huge thanks to Lauree, Ralphie, Gretchen, and Melanie for volunteering to help with my kids while I am in the hospital. These are all amazing women, who have kids of there own to take care of, but are happily taking mine in for a couple of days. THANK YOU THANK YOU. It is so nice to have so many friends who I trust more than myself to watch my kids.

So, TAMN, you've got nothing on me, because I am Seriously, so blessed!


Janssen said...

Aw, we all love you. Even me who didn't bring you diapers because I'm a slacker. I will watch LOST for you on Thursday and catch you up, okay?

Kristi said...

Bah! And a special thanks to Robin and Melinda who were also in on the diaper thing! I knew it was dangerous to list individual names, but I wanted to thank everyone personally! THANK YOU!

Brooke said...

Of course you know TAMN. I was worried when you started your post that way that you didn't know. But you seriously are WAY more blessed than anyone i have heard of this week! I'm so glad people are so nice and thoughtful and giving especially when you've had such a crazy and not so great last few weeks. Good luck with the whole birthing thing!

Stefanie Miller said...

Kris, I loved this post. To me that is the perfect example of what having a baby is all about- all the wonderful people in your life gathering around you and supporting you at this very exciting and challenging time in you life. Thanks for this post and you have awesome friends. (Besides me of course.)

Laurie said...

I'm with Stef. Good thing you have real friends in Texas so that us slackers that have known you forever are off the hook. :)
I was planning on sending you hairbows, but sounds like you're set for that. I'llhave to come up with something else.... like socks. I think I buy more socks for Eve every time I go shopping. baby socks get lost so easily.

Aimee said...

Yay! I'm finally catching up on your blog -- been busy laying out on the beach. (How does THAT make you feel?? Just kidding!)

Anyway, you are seriously awesome!!