Saturday, January 10, 2009

Peace on Earth and GOODWILL for me.

I've been real sad lately since there have been no garage sales going on, so I took it upon myself to go to Goodwill to get out my "rummage bug".

and I found this

which retails for $40 at Target, and on Craigslist for $25, at Goodwill for $2.99 (that's two dollars and ninetynine cents!).

I had two people in the store stop me and look at the price and freak about what a good deal I was getting.

Felt good to get out there and get a good bargain!


Gretchen said...

Yah. These creep me out. For starters, they're called a "Bumbo."

I mean, I suppose they're a good idea... If you're over-paranoid about your kid getting a little bump every now and then. Or if you want to have them sit up perched on top of the dining room table above tile on a slab foundation.

Or you could just figure that the 12 inch drop will put hair on their chest and let them sit on the floor.

Or you could just accept that they can't sit up yet and stop pushing your kids to be "advanced."

Kristi said...

Wow, never really thought of it quite like that. I don't care about my kid being advanced (obviously since Bentley's holding out on the walking...still!), but I do see the advantage of being able to sit my five month old up to be entertained by watching Gwen and Bentley, instead of laying on the ground watching the ceiling. And I won't put it on the table, don't worry; but don't you see a tiny bit of merit in it for a bigger baby that can't sit up on his/her own yet? And they probably could have come up with a better name than bumbo : ) I'm with ya there.

Seth and Sierra said...

That is SUCH a good deal! I got mine from craigslist for 10 and I thought that was amazing! You definitely have that one beat!

Janssen said...

I just want to hug you for getting such a good deal. It would be an awkward hug, but there you go.

Stefanie Miller said...

Congratulations! Hey, I just saw pictures on your little slide show thing of when Jan and I came to visit you in Portland. Great memories.

JoAnna said...

I think the bumbo is brilliant! And i love the name!!

Stef Bassett said...

Kris, you are the queen of a deal, nice work. Love all the recent posts. Good thing we are safe on reselling baby items....ppphhheww.
Good luck with the Gwenster. Miss you guys.

Courtney said...

What a deal. I love mine and would never go back. Mind you I was totally anti then I tried it. The other thing that is nice is you don't feel like they are laying on the floor waiting to be steped on by the other 2.

julianne orth said...

what a deal! I finally got one of these and I loved It!!! I wish i would have found it with baby #1