Monday, January 26, 2009

Pros and Cons

*Due to the girly talk in this post, no boys allowed. Yes that means you Blaine, Bart, Joey. I think that covers the boys that read.

The good news about the giant zit on my nose is that it means labor is imminent. I don't know what it is about childbearing that brings out my skins inner teenager, but it does. It's one of the first things that happens when I find out I am pregnant and one of the last little joys of pregnancy, the giant nose zit. It's especially great because it is always immortalized in all of those post birth pictures, you know, the ones where I usually look a lot like a super model (a supermodel with a giant nose zit who has recently put on a lot of weight and gotten run over by a semi). Love those.

The day is quickly coming and I feel so blessed that the stomach flu is finally gone. I thought I ought to make a list of the five things I am the most excited for about the baby being born and the five things I am the most nervous about (well not the most nervous about that since that list would involve things like genetic defects and stuff....we are assuming everything in that dept works out at least for the lists purposes).

Most excited for

1- Meeting the little girl and I am so so curious if she is going to look the same as my other two kids, who look exactly like each other. Oh and if the old wives tale rings true this kid ought to have buckets of hair because heartburn is killing me.

2- I have to admit I am really looking forward to the juice they bring you right after delivery. I don't know what it is about having your body work so hard, but nothing makes you feel better than that little plastic cup of grape juice, and another, and another, and another.....

3- Staying at the hospital for two blessed days, going on the assumption that I will spend most of my time sleeping and reading. I know it's not a safe assumption, but a big fat pregnant woman can dream, can't she?

4- I am planning on all of the pregnancy aches and pains disappearing immediately! I look forward to springing out of bed in the morning with a giant grin and being able to walk about freely without first laying like a zombie in a hot tub for an hour. I also look forward to not having to pee 12 times a day.

5- Not being pregnant again for a long, long, long, long, long, long, looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
oooooong time. Anyone have opinions about IUDs. Boy comments not allowed.

Okay the five things I am nervous about

1- Afterpains...hello. Those knocked me off of my feet they hurt so bad with Bentley and I hear they get worse with each kid. Yowza.

2- Um, life with three kids. I am so concerned about just functioning in day to day life, let alone doing things like going swimming...Agh! And what if she doesn't sleep like ever? That's what Bentley did and I very nearly went insane. Seriously, just ask anyone who was around for that time. Insane.

3- Okay, seriously, Bentley is nowhere with the walking thing. Should I tie a sled to my leg? How am I going to mobilize this family unit every day?

4- Breast feeding. Again. The nunga nungas are doomed.

5- What if all the aches and pains don't go away. Dun dun duhhhhh.....

Okay, so does anyone have an opinion about double strollers? Like should they be tandem or sidebyside? I am looking for lightweight, compact, run Gwen and the two children into preschool every other day kind of stroller. Already have a double jogger for all of that jogging I will be doing *cough* yeah right *cough*.


Jennifer said...

Good luck with those after pains. I hear they are the worst with baby #3. This is part of the reason I have not had baby #3 yet. The pains with #2 were the worst thing I have ever experienced, no lie.

Don't be too worried about having 3 little ones. The hard part will be over before you know it and you'll wonder what you were so worried about.

Good luck with everything Kristi I'm excited for you to meet your new baby girl! I think you are a great mom!

Emily said...

I like the Graco DuoGlider. It's a front/back, and so nice because it's narrow so you can still fit down the aisles of Children's Place. The baby carseat faces you while you walk, and between the shade of the carseat and stroller, they can be completely sheltered.

The front seat has a removable cupholder, snack tray, all that. I use this stroller almost everyday. (Not in January though. We don't go anywhere in january.) It's really easy to set up, it's fairly compact, and a lot lighter than other brands.

The backseat has a removable cupholder, tray, etc. So when #3 is old enough, she can have snacks, too.

Both seats recline, there's lots of storage... it's been a great stroller for us.

We have a double jogger as well which we have used all of 3 times in 2 years. I think it would be better for twins. With two different sized children it seems to swerve. So I'm saving it for when we have twins, ha ha. Anyway, if you don't end up having twins I'd recommend a front/back option, even if you don't choose the Duo Glider. We got ours at Babies R Us for around 200, I can't remember for sure.

And I'm with you on the lovely hospital stay, I love the peace and quiet and Fig Newtons. Good Luck!

Stefanie Miller said...

Kris, I have a sweet suggestion for a stroller for you. My cousin had twins last year and just found a stroller for three kids that I have never seen before. She blogged about it, and you can check it out here: Be sure to watch the little video. It will have you SOLD.

TK said...

I totally read your blog! So next time, please include my name in the list of boys not to read, cause I seriously wish I hadn't read this particular post!

Anonymous said...

Ok so the video was the funniest thing I have ever seen! What a cool stroller. Kristi I just use my jogger but that is because mine folds up as compact as the duo glidder. I love the chicco side by side it is so small when folded and if I lived in the city that is what I would have for running around town.

Janssen said...

You get major points for using the term "nunga nungas." Dave the L would be proud.

Gretchen said...

Your post was pretty tame if you ask me. I mean, imagine if >>I<< had written a post and declared it unsafe for male eyes...

If a guy can't handle what you wrote, he doesn't deserve to be allowed to read your blog EVER. Pansies... (Relax, I'm just kidding. Sort of.)

Anonymous said...

I love the imagery of you tying a sled to your leg. Talk about a ball and chain.

Yeah, I'm with you, those after-pains will grab you by surprise. Just when you thought you'd given everything you had. . . But last time I took like 4 ibuprofens every 4 or so hours, and that seemed to help quite a bit.

Also the juice. Oh mama. And all other pampering, et cetera.

We have a combi double stroller that sounds like it would be perfect for what you're looking for. They are really compact and light-weight. It's a side by side, but it still fits through a normal doorway. But you may want something cheaper, they are almost $300. Decisions like these are such dilemmas.

Ralphie said...

Dear Kristi,

Please don't write such offensive posts in the future. I had to cover my 2 year olds eyes and run away from the computer screaming.

I really don't appreciate it.

Your advisor,

Crap. It says my name up there doesn't it?

Kristi said...

See I sensored it before I thought of cool code words to use like "nunga nungas". I threw that in there knowing only Janssen and Kayla would get it, but look how happy it made Janssen. Unfortunately it brought on an onslaught of posts mocking my sensory. Boys shouldn't read posts that say the words "breasts, bossoms, or boobs". Nunga nungas is debatable.

Vee said...

You crack me up. Good luck with everything. Let me know about the hair thing. I'm curious as to it's truth.

Shauna said...

Just so you know, my afterpains were almost non-existent with Sophie. So much better than after Spencer. Just to give you a glimmer of hope...maybe it was because they were so close together? I don't know.

Spencer wasn't walking when I had Sophie. Let's just say I had awesome arm muscles. I carried Sophie in the carseat in one arm, and Spencer (who was a BIG 15 month old) in the other arm. Then I yelled at Annie a lot to hold onto my shirt and not wander off...ahh, the memories. Oh, and make friends with the car carts at the grocery store.

As for the stroller...I had the tandem kind and liked it. The side by sides were so wide, it was hard to maneuver between clothes racks and grocery displays. Just my 2 cents.

And lastly, I made some super cute bows last night. I'm hoping to finish up a few more today and get them in the mail tomorrow! I hope you like them!

Heather said...

Side by side strollers seem to be hard to maneuver, and aisles places just are not that far apart.
I don't remember after pains with either kid, but I am a firm believer in pain medication and I do not wait for the pain to surface before I take the next round. I just don't see the point.
I feel so much the same way about everything you wrote. I may copy and paste it and save me the time :) just kidding, but really I keep thinking, I am so excited to stay in the hospital. You are much much closer to having your baby, and I think everyone is sick of all my ventings (since I still have several weeks). I really just can relate to everything you said. (I am NOT looking forward to nursing AGAIN!) I like the juice, but they also give these cookies out. Vanilla sandwich cookies and Lorna Doone shortbread. I love them, but man they got me addicted to them and really, they are NOT a good thing to be addicted to!
Good luck and I look forward to hearing from you/seeing pics!

haley said...

I didn't have afterpains with my twins, but I was also "under" for their birth and many hours following. So that doesn't count. As for the stroller, we have a BOB side-by-side jogger that my MIL found at the REI Garage sale for a great deal. I really like it (it is a really smooth driver) but I can't take it in anywhere (like the doctor's office) cause it won't go through the door. So, if you plan on getting through regular door ways, go with a front and back stroller.

Tom and Tami said...

Being a mother of three myself here's my advice. Be grateful your second born doesn't walk yet, because trying to chase after two kids without leaving the baby out of your sight for too long at the doctors, store, etc. is nearly impossible. Afterpains with the third are worse, that's when I use all those dumb breathing techniques your suppose to use before the baby comes. And lastly, we have the sit n stand stroller, which can fit three kids if you're tricky (one in the front, one sitting frontwards in the back and the third standing on the platform). You just have to have good arm muscles. Of course, the best thing I've learned with three kids is NEVER go anywhere without a second adult if you have all three children.

Wendy said...

Happy my baby just turned 15! Wishing I knew what all the Texas friends know about dates!!

Melissa Ash said...

I WAS thinking about getting pregnant again soon, but maybe not!!!! (JUST KIDDING!!) but really, I think after labor is worse then during!! Not being able to sit for two weeks, comfortably, yeah, MISERY!!

Aimee said...

I love my IUD! That's all I have to say about that!! (Email me if you want details.)