Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Momma said there'd be days like this....

There'd be days like this my momma said. What she failed to mention was that the days like this would happen while she was cruising in sunny Panama.

Where to start. Well, my day ended much like it began, but worse. Changing not only Bentley's bedding, but also Gwen's. The funny thing is that on Monday night I felt like I finally was getting a grip on things. The house was under control, we all had clean underwear to wear, and I was getting excited to nest....or at least to set up the port-a-crib or to do something in anticipation of the new baby.

Guess what is sad? This new baby had one new thing, one thing in this whole world that was made with her in mind. Gwen's preschool teacher made the new baby a blanket. And we went through so many blankets, towels, etc. today that I let Bentley use it. And he pooped all over it. Her one thing. Pooped on.

Mounds of laundry, it smells like....oh it just smells awful everywhere in our whole house. And if I go into labor tonight I would just have to find some stranger on the street to go with me to the hospital because honestly, who is going to want to watch my stomach flu ridden children? My stomach flu ridden husband isn't in much of a position to do it. Though he is being a champ trying!


At least I don't have it....yet. And at least I am not in labor....yet.

You know, it really is a weird thing when you just realize that you simply cannot do it alone. So many people have asked how they can help and normally I try to brush it off and say, "no no no, we're fine" but today I was like, nope, not fine anymore. HELP ME!

And help they did! The champions today were Gretchen and Sheyenne. Today was my last (or at least it was supposed to be my last) OB appt. I didn't want to miss it for fear that that would make it so I couldn't schedule my induction and plus I haven't been "checked" at all yet this pregnancy and I was kind of curious if these random contractions actually mean anything. So when Blaine went to work with the stomach flu because he had important meetings I didn't know how I was going to make it to the doctors. I couldn't take them with me. I couldn't leave them with someone else. Really don't want to spread this kind of love. And dear, sweet, wonderful, thoughtful, caring Gretchen came through for me. She met me at my OBGYN and watched my kids while they just watched a movie in the van. My appointment was like an hour long too. Can you imagine, watching two van fulls of children for an hour. Yuck. But she did it, and acted like it wasn't a big deal. You should go and find yourself a friend like Gretchen. Particularly if you live 23 hours away from family.

And Sheyenne....well, there's a friend for you. She was originally going to watch my healthy daughter Gwen today while I went to my appt. When she found out that Gwen was sick and I canceled the babysitting thing; she went to the store for me and got me many many needed supplies...bananas, pedialyte, diapers. She's a saint. A real, true, honest to goodness saint. And then she wouldn't even let me pay for them.

I feel so blessed to be around so many nice people. I feel like since I have moved to Texas I have been in a perpetual state of "I NEED". And haven't been able to offer much help. I really hope that someday soon I can start paying it forward. But at least for the next week or two, I am pretty sure I am still going to be needy : ) So thank you everyone for your thoughts and your prayers. I definitely know things could be worse.....and I am so glad they are not!


Gretchen said...

Except it really WASN'T a big deal. Do you know what I did for 45 minutes? Read a book in the sunshine. If that's doing a big favor for someone, then I should do more favors... Need anything else?

Janssen said...

Gretchen, you are a saint.

I'm so sorry I wasn't available to be more helpful. How about you call me on a weekend, sometime? :)

Todd and Julie said...

I'm so sorry you've been so sick! BUT... you never told us if what you were dilated to OR if you were able to pick your induction date! You're leaving us hangin.... :)

Liz Applegate said...

Kristi, I am wiping the tears as I write this. This reminds me so much of those days when we were having our babies and were not around family. I love you and your happy attitude.

P.S. REALLY NOW, what DID the doctor say?

Vee said...

I'm so glad you have such incredible friends nearby to help you. Not everybody has that all the time. Those of us that do are sure lucky. Take care of yourself. Let us know what happens.

Marcie said...

Fiddle that is wonderful! I can sort of relate to you--- well the being away from family,a db eing needy part (as I don't have a car or many friends here) but the one or two I do have always take care of me and drive me to Target.

I wish I were closer. I do have a present for you sweet little one--- a present that is all her own... so please email me your address and I will ship it tomorrow! It may just make it in time!!

Love, Leko

p.s. my address is

Stefanie Miller said...

Kris, I wish I was close enough to you to come to your house and give you a big hug (and maybe bring some dinner while I was at it), because You're just the best and I'm so lucky to have a friend like you. And you are so lucky to have friends like Gretchen and Sheyenne. You pay a lot of things forward just be being your cheerful, happy self. Sorry for the sappy comment, I should probably have emailed this to you instead of leave it for everyone to see and think, "what a weirdo" but there you have it. When the Millers come to Texas some day we'll have to have a big party and meet all your cool friends.

Robin said...

This here post got me choked up, too. Those, there, friends are good 'uns.

Sheyenne said...

You are so sweet. I was more than happy to do it. Makes me feel useful, and I really really need to feel useful to someone other than myself sometimes. I have had friends do that sort of thing for me, and even though it was small, it meant a lot to me. I jump at the opportunity to help others like that. So thank you for giving me the opportunity.

azufelt said...

Ah, I loved this post, and it really made me glad to know that we all have good friends. ANd it also made me miss Gretchen a lot... and Sheyenne too... and all the other wonderful girls you get to hang out with! Congrats on your new baby!