Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Blaine and I somehow were under the impression that Bridge to Terabithia was going to be more of a "Harry Potter" experience than a "My Girl" experience. So when we sat down last night with our popcorn and plate of watermelon I hardly expected to find myself two hours later with a whole box of wadded up tissues next to me.

I am not a crier. I can remain stone-faced through most movies, books, or experiences that may make others cry. In fact (and he will kill me for exposing this) if one of us is to cry in a Movie, it is usually Blaine. He even cried in "Mission to Mars" or some other space show. It was sweet, he's a sensitive guy. So when I do cry during something it really catches me off guard.

In my regular not pregnant life I can only think of one movie that I really had a good cry in. I had been sufficiently warned too, but I thought I was strong enough. It was about four months after Blaine and I got married and we sat down to watch "Charlie". We had heard from a reliable source ("Chunga" the morning DJ from THE END radio station) that we shouldn't watch it and that he hated it because it made him cry. We thought we were strong though, what could be so sad? After the movie ended we found ourselves crying, nay- sobbing, for a good hour and a half. We just held onto eachother and cried our little eyes out. And swore to never watch that stupid show again. We debated making ourselves watch it once a year, but we haven't had the guts to watch it again since.

My reaction to Bridge to Terabithia was so unpredictable. I was doing good, the girl died, it was okay. It happens all the time. Then I don't know what happened to open the flood gates, but wowzers; I couldn't stop myself. Then when I had about gotten a grip on my emotions we watched some special features and found out the book was written because the authors son had lost his best friend when he was 8. The whole process started anew, I think I maybe even cried harder.

Is it because I am pregnant? I have no idea. Nonetheless, it is a show worth watching; and if you think you are going to watch it and think it is corny and not get the emotional - cry your heart out- element; just invite me over, I will cry enough for the both of us, I am sure.


Janssen said...

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I totally sobbed when I read the book. And usually I'm not a big crier at all.

Also, "Charlie" just rips the freaking tears right out of you. It can't be helped.

And Bart's more likely to cry too.

Jennifer said...

I bawled my eyes out too in that movie. I had read the book a LONG time ago and had forgotten most of it. When I remembered that she dies I started crying like a baby and didn't stop until after the movie was over. So, I'm sure it was not because you are pregnant. I think that movie could make even the toughest of men cry.

Laurie said...

I loved the story! When we watched it, Travis cried too. Then we had a long talk about why we ever watch shows that are sad (we had a similar Charly experience). He is pretty much opposed to anything that's not happy.
If you're looking for another tear jerker (like I'm sure you are) I recommend StepMom. Gets me every time.
I think it's healthy to cry in movies. On my gloomy days, it's what I want to do most. :)

Ralphie said...

Once, when the Bradshaws were over at our house we sat down to watch a movie together. I started crying because something that happened was so dang funny! Seriously, crying because I couldn't stop laughing. I'm amazed they still me.

Andrea said...

I have been meaning to let you know that I LOVE reading your blog! I check it everyday. You are so funny and descriptive. Thanks for the laughter :) We miss you guys.

Julie said...

I HATE the movie Charly. Not really, but it makes me bawl for hours, just like you said. I can't stand it!

Blaine said...

I don't know, I liked it a lot but Bridge to Teribithia didn't quite grab me in the crying kind of way (unlike Mission to Mars when someone punctures their air supply and flies out into space so that their spouse won't foolishly die too, trying to save them--come on, that's sweet enough to cry about!) But the real movie that gets me that I can't put my finger on why is Spanglish. I can make myself cry just thinking about the ending of that one.

P.S. I told Kristi to put a spoiler alert next time--sorry to anyone who hasn't seen Bridge to Terabithia yet and now will know what happens... :)

Linds said...

Yeah Bridge to Terabithia is a GREAT show... I didn't cry but my throat got choked up and when we were talking about it later my husband made a comment similar to something like, "yeah, I thought it was just going to be a kids movie and wasn't expecting to get emotional over it!" I thought that was really cute to hear him say cause he's really not one to get emotional at all... but he's got such a tender heart!

Bart Bradshaw said...

I never cry during movies or anything else. I don't know what Janssen's talking about. I'm just allergic to sad/touching things, and it sometimes irritates my eyes and makes me breathe a little sobby-like. That's all. ;)

Speaking of which, who knew the second season of 24 would have one of the most moving scenes in television history? I didn't know it until tonight. It even made Janssen tear up! That's when you know something is touching!